Israeli Minister Uri Ariel: ‘The Time Has Come for Palestinians to Die’ ZIONIST

Israeli Minister Uri Ariel: ‘The Time Has Come for Palestinians to die’

by TUT editor

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel tells local radio that Israel’s attacks produce lots of smoke and fire, but no fatalities or injuries

ed note–only a Zionist Jew could get away with saying such things without world outrage. If an American politician, commenting on some act of piracy or murder against the US on the part of some Colombian drug cartel said ‘it’s time for Columbians to die’, he’d be booted out of office faster than you can say ‘race card’. If some European politico, commenting on the latest organ harvester from Israel’s arrest were to say ‘It’s time for Israelis to die’, the screeching would be simply apocalyptic.

But let’s put what Ariel said in its proper context. He is not angry or outraged over ‘rocket attacks’ from Gaza. He loves them. Firstly, he knows that statistically, no one is going to be hurt–much less killed by them. The reason he loves them is because this is the kind of ‘background scenery’ and ‘stage props’ that the Jewish state needs in launching one of its religiously-mandated bloodbaths of Gentiles which it must periodically do in order to hold together an organically fractured and unstable political entity. What he really means when he says that ‘the time has come for Palestinians to die’ is actually ‘Everyone, come and get it…it’s feeding time’.

And please, no emails, commentary, or lectures from no-it-alls talking about how this is a ‘zionist’ thing rather than a ‘Jewish’ one, nor about how this is all about the Talmud and not the Torah, which non-critical thinking ‘truthers’ across the Christian and Islamic spectrum claim is the ‘word o’ GAAAAAWD’.

Judaism–right from the pages of the Torah, make clear that both Ariel’s statement and the sentiment backing it up are 666% kosher and perfectly congruent with the teachings of Judaism going all the way back to the 5 books of Moses, to wit–

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