Help With Propane at Pine Ridge!

On Pine Ridge winter temperatures go 50 Degrees below freezing.  For those who cannot afford Propane the cold can be a Death Sentence!  Pine Ridge Reservation citizens are Prisoners of War.  You can contribute to the Propane needed by mailing a check to:   Pine Ridge Winter Propane

                                                                 P.O. Box 839

                                                                 Pine Ridge, South Dakota  57770

                                                                 605-867-2263  You may request a receipt.  Wendell Yellow Bull administers this fund.  They have given 300 families Propane.  Tell Others!

Pine Ridge Reservation is a Prisoner of War Camp.

Quote From Hitler:

Although it is certainly true that Hitler extolled the greatness of his German people and the Aryan (Nordic) race in general, his love for his people never took the form of hatred for other races nor a desire to rule over them. To the contrary, Hitler came to believe that Europeans had done harm to other races and should refrain from dominating them!
Select quotes from the Hitler-Bormann documents (1945):
“In them (Asians), the White races have imposed their will by force, and the influence they have had on the native inhabitants has been negligible; the Hindus have remained Hindus, the Chinese have remained Chinese, and the Muslims are still Muslims. There have been no profound transformations, and such changes as have occurred are less marked in the religious field, notwithstanding the tremendous efforts of the Christian missionaries, than in any other.
There have been a few odd conversions the sincerity of which are open to considerable doubt-except, perhaps in the case of a few simpletons and mentally deficients. The White races did, of course, give some things to the natives, and they were the worst gifts that they could possibly have made, those plagues of our own modern world-materialism, fanaticism, alcoholism and syphilis. For the rest, since these peoples possessed qualities of their own which were superior to anything we could offer them, they have remained essentially unchanged.”

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