‘When Theresa May proclaims in Parliament that we need the £200 billion Trident nuclear missile system to see off the North Korean nuclear threat, writes David Lowry, just bear this in mind. It is a threat that the UK, global nuclear proliferator in chief, created in the first place, providing both the reactor technology and vital centrifuge materials to make North Korea’s nuclear dream come true.

The reactors at Calder Hall on the Sellafield site, then called Windscale, were opened by the young Queen Elizabeth in 1956. But it was never meant as a commercial civilian nuclear plant: the real purpose was to make plutonium for nuclear bombs.’

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My Comment:  This highlights Britain’s Disastrous Leadership & the same could be said about Hillary Clinton’s selling 20% of the US’s Depleted Uranium (for nuclear bombs!) to Russia (via Canada and several companies) and claiming Putin is now a threat….stupids vote for these criminals!