Australia is a FREE???? Country? Not When JudenPress Doesn’t Like You

Oz: Pro-White Electrician Jailed for Pepe Image on His Website!

By infostormer -December 7, 20193

The Daily Stormer is currently featuring an article outlining how Simon Hickey the pro-White head of the Australian electrical company Smerff Electrical, was just sentenced to prison. He was literally sentenced to prison over a Pepe image on his website.

Hickey was previously the subject of an Australian media report where they whined about how he was posting offensive things on the Internet.

Hickey for a short period of time supported the Daily Stormer by advertising his business on the site.

Australian police have gone so far as to raid his home five times for his bad thoughts and have apparently confiscated many thousands of dollars worth of his equipment.

It would seem as if the Jewish establishment in Australia is incredibly freaked out over a person like Hickey who runs a successful business and is openly pro-White while being critical of Jews. This is why he is being thrown in prison over nothing.

But even after being sentenced to prison, he is not backing down and is refusing to apologize for his views. He deserves great credit for this.

It’s also worth noting that there has been a total media blackout on this story. The Daily Stormer is literally the only major website that I know of which is covering this. And it is a big story because it shows that the premise of Australia being a free country with free speech is total bullshit. They will send men with guns to steal your stuff and have you thrown in prison if you have thoughts disliked by the Jewish power structure.

It’s actually amazing that anybody could claim that Australia is a free country when they are putting people in prison for having a Pepe the Frog image on a website. This is the act of totalitarians. There’s literally more freedom in China.

We’ll obviously keep everyone updated as this story develops.

Comment: I don’t agree with this man’s viewpoint but strongly disagree with the way he is being treated. Police in Australia are like the Police in New Orleans; they feel they have a license to steal. This is the perfect example of a totalitarian police state like USSR used to be and also was controlled by their Jewish element who did not like Russians.

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