My Comment:  The chickens are coming home to roost:  America’s brutal & bullying geopolitics have resulted in an explosion of Terrorism-we are now being terrorized by those that we’ve terrorized for decades….our foreign policy has been pure EVIL and now we  are paying the price!  Time to turn off the TV and find out the truth.  People addicted to Fox News are literally living in Fantasyland!  Unfortunately most if not 99% of Amerika has been so blind that anyone trying to wake these sleeping up has been under a Grizzly Bear type of attack-this is how this has gotten this BAD!!!  Amerika’s Foreign policy is as insane as foreign policy created by rapists and serial killers!  Murder, Murder, Murder!!!

When are we going to demand mass arrests:  Clintons, O’Bamas, Kissinger, Cheney, Bushes, Rumsfeld, Condasleaza Rice, Stephanie Powers, Nazi Victoria Nuland, and many more for crimes against humanity, perjury, malfeasance in office, treason against the American people, etc.  Of Course O’Bama needs to be impeached but these people should all be in prison-not just Hillary Clinton.  Israeli Terrorism has been protected by Western countries and their NATO allies-all criminals causing untold human suffering so the monarchies and oligarchies can continue to loot these countries of their gold & oil and everything and anything exploitable.

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