U.S. Regime Exposed as Weak, Arrogant & Insane; Only Good At Hurting Others & Bullying

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Humiliating against Russia will expose US regime as weak, arrogant and delusional
It is now resoundingly clear that U.S. and NATO forces are going to be defeated by Russia, owing in part to the delusional arrogance and incompetence that now characterizes the political leadership of the US empire.

The US military will fail, the dollar currency will fail, the Biden regime will fail and the world will denounce the dollar and the punitive weaponization of the reserve currency carried out by the US empire.

Today’s broadcast covers this in great detail, laying out the full scenario of where this all lands as the collapse of the US empire accelerates.

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Comment:  America’s leadership is AMAZINGLY EVIL & I can never get why the American people support such evil.

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