How Israel is the Biggest Threat to Free Speech in Amerika

Bill Barr is and always has been a CIA ASSet.  All of our Politicians and Celebs are.  They are all a part of the Cabal working AGAINST ordinary Americans.  ALL.

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Treasonous Congress funds billions for Middle East invasion camps to overrun America’s cities
Mike Adams The recent “foreign aid” bill just passed by the House contained billions for the expansion of “invasion camps” in the Middle East, which the State Dept. will use to funnel more illegals into America, where they will be paid to occupy America’s cities.

This is being done deliberately, by the same U.S. Congress that’s funding billions in weapons for Israel, creating even more enemies in the Middle East who will now use the State Dept. invasion camps to make their way to America.

The level of criminality and treason being carried out by the Biden regime to achieve all this is truly astonishing. A full-on military invasion of the United States of America is being openly funded by Congress and constructed by the State Dept. in conjunction with the UN.

Full details in today’s Brighteon Broadcast News at this link:

P.S. Today’s interview features Amy Schaffert, who stars in our first Brighteon Films feature film called “17 Miles.” This film launches May 9th and is a heartfelt movie about saving children from human trafficking and open borders lawlessness. Catch the full interview at the same link above.

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U.S. State Department's Global Engagement Center was founded to counter foreign propaganda, but has since been turned against the American people by coordinating social media censorship U.S. State Department’s Global Engagement Center was founded to counter foreign propaganda, but has since been turned against the American people by coordinating social media censorship
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Canadian Muslims organize “Million Person March” to banish gender ideology and child mutilations
Since nobody else is doing anything about it, Canada’s Muslim population is organizing an “interfaith” crusade against gender ideology and all the child mutilations that go with it. An Ottawa businessman and devout Muslim by the name of Kamel El-Cheikh, the organizer behind the so-called… Read More

Mike Cartwright discusses the need to save America from illegal immigration on “The Sheriff Mack Show” – Brighteon.TV
Former deputy sheriff Mike Cartwright discussed the need to save America from illegal immigration during his appearance on the April 23 episode of the Brighteon.TV program “The Sheriff Mack Show.” Cartwright, the former deputy sheriff of Florida’s Hillsborough County, told program hosts… Read More

Report: 29 percent of Americans earn above the poverty line but still less than what they need to comfortably get by
Nearly 40 M families, or 29 percent of the total American population, are earning above the poverty line but less than what they need to get by. This is according to data from the nonprofit United Way,which described these 29 percent of Americans as falling in the category of ALICE, or Asset… Read More

Supreme Court hears oral arguments on whether the Biden administration can force doctors in emergency rooms to perform abortions
The Supreme Court of the United States has started hearing oral arguments on a federal government mandate that could force emergency room doctors to perform abortions under the guise of “medical necessity.” Theoral argumentsbegan on April 24 in Idaho. The legal battle traces back to… Read More

New Biden HHS rule makes it more difficult to investigate people who violate state abortion bans
TheDepartment of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued privacy protections for women seeking abortions by banning the disclosure of protected health information related to reproductive health. Thefinal rule, calledPrivacy Rule to Support Reproductive Health Care Privacy, provides patients with… Read More

Short circuit: Ford’s electric vehicle unit lost 1.3 B in first quarter of 2024
Ford Motor Company has reported 1.3 B in losses on its Model E sectoror a staggering 132,000 loss for each of the 10,000 vehicles sold during the first quarter of 2024. The electric vehicle (EV) unit, known as Model E, saw a 20 percent decrease in sales compared to 2023,with only 10,000EVs… Read More

Narco-terrorism: Notorious Mexican cartel now using drones and chemical explosives
A notorious drug cartel in Mexico is now using drones and chemical explosives to unleash its brand of “narco-terrorism” in the Central American nation. According to a report by the Daily Star, members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) had dropped chemical agents using drones on… Read More

Biden accused of plotting to declare climate emergency to boost his sagging polling numbers
An American political activist and author recently accused President Joe Biden of considering declaring a “climate emergency” as his term winds down, with former President Donald Trump leading in major polls. Political commentator andtheDaily Wire columnist and podcast host Matt Walsh… Read More

Coming soon: Stasi-like “antisemitism monitors” at U.S. college, university campuses, with the full support of supposed “free speech” conservatives
We are almost five months into 2024 and Congress has yet to do one single thing that benefits the American people – but its members sure are doing a lot to uphold Jewish privilege. A new bipartisan bill proposed by a pro-Israel Democrat and a pro-Israel Republican would create a new federal agency,… Read More

U.S. gives free pass to Israeli military units accused of horrific war crimes
The Biden administration has opted not to impose sanctions on Israeli army units accused of human rights violations against Palestinians. ABC News revealed on April 26 that a government assessment identified three Israeli army battalions responsible for “gross human rights violations” in… Read More

Lethal: Mojave drone can blast targets at 6,000 rounds per minute
In a groundbreaking live-fire demonstration earlier this month, General Atomics’ Mojave drone, equipped with a pair of Dillon Aero DAP-6 Minigun pods, obliterated several static targets. This remarkable feat marks a significant milestone in the drone’s capabilities, with plans already underway to… Read More

United Nations tracking and controlling refugees’ cash and aid relief in Burkina Faso through digital IDs
The United Nations (UN),along with other globalist groups, is reportedly tracking and controlling refugees’ cash and aid relief by means of digital IDs in the West African nation of Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is a member of the UN and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). However,… Read More

International Olympic Committee prepares for AI integration in 2024 Paris Olympics
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is preparingfor artificial intelligence integrationin the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics. Last year,French legislation authorized the use of AI video surveillance for a trial period covering the Olympic Games to detect abnormal events or human behavior that… Read More

8 Other Chinese apps that could be affected by the TikTok ban
United States officials have warnedabout the risks of the popular social media platform TikTok for years. Now, a new law will give the government the authority to act on these warnings bybanning one of the most popular apps in America. Butthis doesn’t mean TikTok will be banned immediately. At… Read More

Zelensky demanding 10 MORE YEARS of U.S. taxpayer funding for his “forever war”
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the world’s most despised welfare queen, is at it again begging America for at least 10 more years of U.S. taxpayer funding for his war against Russia. The ink has not even yet dried from the most recent welfare package awarded by the United States Congress… Read More

Republican lawmaker warns about former Biden attorney running DOJ prosecution of Trump
Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) demands that President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) explain why a former Biden administration attorneyis nowpart of the team prosecuting former President Donald Trump. In a critical letter Gooden sent to the DOJ and the office of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin… Read More

J6 political prisoner says Ray Epps LIED multiple times in a call with FBI
One of the political prisoners of the Jan. 6, 2021 incident claimed in an interview with Gateway Punditthat alleged agent provocateur James Ray Eppslied several times during a call with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Avideo shared on X by GP’s Alicia Powe detailed how Epps lied during… Read More

China constructing massive satellite network that can target anything anywhere on Earth
American space chiefs recently warned that China has tripled the number of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance satellites it has in orbit, creating a space “army” that can destroy ground targets anywhere on Earth. With the capability to blow up targets from thousands of miles… Read More

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