Puberty Blockers DECREASE IQ’s

Trannies are Literally Retarded

It’s becoming abundantly clear that not only is baphometizing minors a particularly evil form of child abuse on the part of the parents and medical professionals, but also a historic crime against humanity by Clown World that is even worse than anything the infamous Dr. Mengele ever conceived:

A world-renowned expert who found puberty-blockers can harm children’s IQ says woke academics initially dismissed her research as ‘biased’. University College London neuropsychologist Professor Sallie Baxendale published a review of the potential impact of the powerful drugs on teens who take them.

Her alarming study highlighted cases where young girls seemingly lost between 7 to 15 IQ points while taking the medications, which halt bodily changes in puberty.

But despite the concerning findings, Professor Baxendale initially struggled to find a publisher for her review. Three separate journals rejected her paper in which she called for ‘urgent’ research into the impact of the drugs on children’s brain functions.

Writing in the now-published article in the peer-reviewed Acta Paediatrica journal, she said: ‘What impact does any delay in cognitive development have on an individual’s educational trajectory and subsequent life opportunities given the critical educational window in which these treatments are typically prescribed? If cognitive development “catches up” following the discontinuation of puberty suppression, how long does this take and is the recovery complete?’

I wonder if virtue-signaling parents who think that their tranny child is a social benefit to them would rethink their wicked plans if they realized that they are not only sterilizing their child, but permanently lowering the child’s IQ by a whole standard deviation? To put it in perspective, that’s the difference between the average white American IQ and the average black American IQ.

Probably not, considering that deviation is their central motivation.


TransInsanity & Inhumanity

He really did his research.  Think their is an underlying hostility towards women behind the Transgender athletes being allowed to injure and almost kill women in Contact Sports.

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