Confirmed. Damar Hamlin is DEAD.

The Daily Mail posted a slanderously false account of Trump at Diamond’s funeral

I just lost respect for the dailyfail, which blatantly lied about what Trump said. The fail is claiming Trump did not know who Silk was, in the context that he never saw her before. But this is what Trump actually said:

“I always thought Diamond was the more vocal of the pair and that Silk was the “quiet” one. But after Silk’s fiery eulogy about her sister, I realized I didn’t know her at all and have a new respect for her.”

Additionally, Silk stated plainly that it was the vax that killed her sister. The Jewish community went nuts over that. But what about Elon? He’s saying the vax screwed him up and that his new pronouns are “prosecute/fauci”. The dam is going to break. AI is doing it’s best to flatulently falsify what Trump said, and if people don’t actually watch what went on they might be fooled. At first I was. And that’s bad. It means the lie (at least for about 5 minutes) worked on me. Now I am more aware, watch what you read folks because the MSM just went to a new level of low and you need to be ready for that so you don’t get punked.

Read this report by the dailyfail and remember. Credibility lost. And TheFail referred to the vax as “poisoned”, they ripped Silk for believing and stating a “poisoning conspiracy theory” which is quite bold when stated to a public that is waking up.

The extent to which the Daily Mail lied and misrepresented this story HAS TO go down in memory forever, because TheFail has been used constantly by alt media and was considered a less biased more accurate source. They seriously blew it.

I am calling it – the bromelain/nac cures vax damage post circulating is flawed.

I went over it with better attention and it appears to me that it is a report that was produced by an AI, after the AI was told what to do. The amount of bromelain is plausible, but the amount of NAC is indeed ridiculous and if that’s an error I believe it was done on purpose to cause “those who know” to mock alt media.

A few days ago I warned people that AI was going to be used to produce fake reports that look totally convincing for the purpose of discrediting alt media, but I did not warn people that the reports would have critical flaws that were very discrediting built into them, I had to learn that.

20 mg/g is the same as 20g/kg. At that level yes, it would kill the spike protein and also dissolve your hemorrhoids, AND YOU. If it is an error in the report, such errors do not appear in anything legit/medical.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see and understand a 

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