U.N. Exposed in 7 Languages


U.N. exposé in seven languages!

The worldwide exposé of the U.N. will be in English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Italian and Dutch

WOrld Map

The above map shows the areas in the world that will be able to watch this historic unmasking of the United Nations. In reality it is more, since most people in the world have a basic understanding of English, French, German, or Spanish. After the event I will translate the film in Chinese, Hindi, Arab, Russian, Scandinavian and Eastern European languages, etc. If anyone wants to help, let me know.

If you know people that speak Spanish, Italian, Portugese, German, French, and Dutch, then please send them the announcement page and flyer in their language. Share the links below:


On these pages you can also download the flyer in the respective languages.


Please send these pages, and flyers to all people you know that speak any of these languages. Post it in social media groups, networks, etc. Let’s make this event a…


Exposing the United Nations is KEY to preventing their plans. If they fall, the WEF and WHO will fall as well, as they are all interconnected. Without the UN, the WHO and WEF are powerless.

What you will see next Saturday, Jan. 28th is MIND BLOWING, and also encouraging and inspiring. It will be life-changing.

There is no specific time. Friday night the film will be put online, so it can be viewed on Saturday by people around the world. After that it will of course stay online.

Anyone will be able to download it, in any of the seven languages, and repost it anywhere you want, so the truth can explode worldwide.

People around the world will be able to sign up for emails in these 7 languages, so they will be informed much more in depth after the event, and be able to spread the truth even more worldwide!

Make sure to go to StopWorldControl.comnext Saturday, Jan. 28th.

Support this project

I won’t mention the cost of this worldwide event, but its many thousands. If you want to support this, then that would be deeply appreciated!

David Sorensen

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