King Charles ordered to appear before International Tribunal over the death of William Combes and others

Here We Stand, 25/09/2022

King Charles ordered to appear before International Tribunal over the death of William Combes and others

A Breaking News Release from the International Common Law Court of Justice

September 19/20, 2022

London, UK:

Charles Windsor, the so-called King of England, was ordered today to appear before a Special International Tribunal. The Tribunal will convene on November 1, 2022 to investigate Charles’ knowledge of and complicity in Crimes against Humanity committed by his parents, Elizabeth and Philip Windsor, and their Church, State, and Corporate accomplices.

The Legal Notice to Appear was delivered to Charles Windsor at Buckingham Palace and other locations by Sheriffs of the Court. A copy of the Notice follows and as a pdf attachment.

The November 1 Tribunal asks that anyone with knowledge or evidence of Charles Windsor’s complicity in any of these crimes contact the Court immediately at . Rewards and immunities from prosecution will be provided in return for such evidence.

Stand by for more information and updates every Sunday at 6 pm eastern at and at under ITCCS Updates and under Breaking News.

Issued September19/20, 2022 by the International Common Law Court of Justice


Issued to Charles Windsor, aka “King of England” by the International Common Law Court of Justice

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

In accordance with international law and the verdict of this Court of January 15, 2022, you, Charles Windsor, are hereby ordered to appear before a Special Tribunal of the Court that has been convened to investigate the following criminal matters in which you are implicated by reason of your office, family associations, and possible personal complicity:

  1. The abduction and permanent disappearance of ten indigenous children while in the company of your parents, Elizabeth and Philip Windsor, on October 10, 1964, at the Kamloops Indian residential school in British Columbia, Canada.
  2. The arrest and death by arsenic poisoning of the sole living eyewitness to this abduction, William Combes, at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada, on February 26, 2011, just prior to his public testimony concerning this abduction.
  3. The ongoing theft, rape, sterilization, torture, ritual killing, and genocide of over 60,000 indigenous children in Canadian Indian residential schools and hospitals established by the British Crown with the authorization of your mother, Elizabeth Windsor, as head of the Crown and Church of England.(
  4. The participation of your parents, Elizabeth and Philip Windsor, and other members of the British Royal Family in the murderous Ninth Circle child sacrificial cult established and operated by the Roman Catholic Church.
  5. The criminal conspiracy established between your mother, Elizabeth Windsor, and Joseph Ratzinger,aka Pope Benedict, at Holyrood Castle in Edinburgh on September 16, 2010, to coordinate and conceal the aforenamed genocide and Ninth Circle cult activities, and to amalgamate the Church of England with the Church of Rome in violation of Elizabeth’s Coronation Oath and the laws of England.
  6. The personal authorization by your mother, Elizabeth Windsor, of the use of Anglican children in unlawful and lethal drug testing experiments conducted by GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and other pharmaceutical companies with which the British Crown is financially associated.
  7. The unlawful maintenance of the Crown of England and the British monarchy against the will of the people, the Law of God, and the law passed in the British Parliament on March 17, 1649, that abolished and outlawed forever that monarchy, and made its reinstitution an act of treason and idolatry.

LET IT BE KNOWN that the aforenamed Special Tribunal of this Court will commence its public investigation of these matters on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, at a place to be announced.


This Notice to Appear has universal jurisdiction and carries the full force and effect of the Law. It is issued on the public record on the Twentieth Day of September in the year 2022.


Presiding Magistrate of the Court

(signed in the attached version)

In accordance with the Court’s lawful verdict of January 15, 2022, The People v. Bergoglio, Windsor et al (Court Docket 09152021-001)

G.Dufort, Court Clerk,

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