I Uploaded These To Show You How FAKE Mainstream Media Is; The Elite Criminals Have Created The Media-They Think We’re ALL STUPID!!!

Elite Criminals Run This Country and They Are Scared of Us:

Media Hides the Numerous “Transgender Sexual Assaults” That Are Occurring:



Comment : Jonny Toop says it better than I can so I included his intelligent, well researched comment here below.

The first thing for anyone to understand is that they absolutely cannot trust their news media. Research the Council on Foreign Relations, established in 1921 by the world’s most wealthy to network opinion makes and control “the narrative”. Research Operation Mockingbird, and how hundreds of news figures have been on a secret payroll to broadcast lies as truth… something that has likely never ended. What kind of people are on the board of the BBC, when their chairman is a Goldman Sachs exec? What affiliations do people on the CBC board have when the organization is networked to devious globalist agenda-pushers? Research the ownership of Reuters and be unsurprised that the most blatant of proof that goes against important agendas of the powerful is pretended to not exist in its news coverage. Discover for yourself that Google aggressively blocks and down-lists important sources of truth on the internet, as do Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.If you understand that the media has been corrupted, understand that enormous lies have been pushed on humanity by this media. Endless outrages have been exposed by courageous whistleblowers — government-protected drug dealing, false flag terrorist attacks, outrageous medical deceptions, etc — but if a tree falls in a forest of fully corrupted government and media, does anybody hear? There is vast documentation that supports the idea that there is a global shadow government. Endless books have been written. One hardly knows where to begin in listing them. Rodney Stich wrote fantastic books providing a compilation of an enormous amount of outrageous truth sourced from whistleblowers between the 70s to 90s. These books included “Drugging America: A Trojan Horse”, and “Defrauding America: A Pattern of Related Scandals” Volumes One and Two. The world that Stich revealed is one of rampant cooperation between the CIA, FBI, DEA, foreign intelligence agencies, the US military, and shadowy organized crime across the globe, spanning decades. In endless exposures of scandal, there is a common theme. While there are people at the middle and lower levels of government who seem to think that their agencies are honest, major crimes are serially covered up and criminals protected — not only at their agency level, but seamlessly ACROSS agencies, in full cooperation with corrupted judges, pretend-deaf politicians, and a corrupt media that rarely reports the truth. If one could take an example, in the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, ATF officials in the building had full knowledge of what was going on and all failed to show up for work. Men in black suits rushed in immediately after the bombing NOT to help victims but to ensure that records they sought were taken away or destroyed. Expert witnesses from government KNEW that a Ryder truck fertilizer bomb could not destroy the building, and that explosives had been planted inside the building, such was the clear evidence. One brave police officer, Terrance Yeakey, tried to preserve dangerous evidence and was suicided. Through it all, one honest local media outlet told the truth on the event, while all the outside media created a complete blackout on the dangerous truth. The NY Times bought up the truth-telling local media outlet and fired everyone. The FBI purposely let a culprit in the crime identified by eyewitnesses flee to Europe (indicating, just like JFK’s assassination, multi-country involvement in this event). In the trial, the jury was inexplicably blocked from seeing critical evidence from the case. And when victims who KNEW that justice and truth were being aggressively blocked tried to get judicial review at other levels, they were aggressively blocked. The control of the conspirators was vast and complete. George HW Bush and his amazingly successful criminal family clan have long been members of Skull and Bones. Could Skull and Bones, a secret society of Yale founded in 1832, be an enabler of criminal power? Historian Antony Sutton described Skull and Bones in great detail — how it recruits 15 talented men a year in secrecy after a homosexual initiation ritual, using its existing Bones network to elevate the members to positions of power and wealth, from which they can then do the same with others. Is it any surprise that many of these powerful people show up every year at Bohemian Grove, and that reports leak out that large numbers of male prostitutes are brought in to run around in the woods with them while they enjoy the occultist rituals and the power networking? Skull and Bones was joined in its early days by similar secret societies at Princeton, Harvard, and Columbia universities, all of them linked to wealthy and powerful British influence-seekers. This was at a time when freemasonry was powerful, but treated with much suspicion and opposition by the public. Intelligence researcher John Coleman revealed the REAL importance of these societies as keys to a long-existing secret power structure. As told by Coleman, the 19th century featured two incredibly evil sources of great wealth — plantation slavery, and the opium trade. The control of these trades created vast fortunes for evil men, but they needed to be very discrete in their activities to remain “respectable society”. Public pressure forced the end of slavery in the British Empire in 1833. Skull and Bones was created in 1832 at Yale by establishment east coast US families involved in murky global trade such as the Russell family. Was it a coincidence that in 1833 Russell & Co made an agreement with the British East India Company to trade slaves for them as they continued to sell their opium?One of the biggest secrets of the 19th century seems to be just how lucrative the global opium trade really was, something John Coleman realized looking at merchant records at the British Museum. “Respectable” British Empire and US east coast merchants became stinking rich by destroying the lives of millions of people. China was made severely addicted, impoverished, and socially devastated by it… but the British people were led to pay for two wars to force the Chinese to buy this opium. By the late 19th century US, the Skull and Bones Harriman railway magnates were bringing in thousands of Chinese opium addicts to build its railroads for it, paid largely in opium. Averill Harriman of this dynasty, close associate of fellow Skull and Bonesman Prescott Bush, became a key player in an enduring secret cross-Atlantic partnership of wealth and evil throughout the first half of the 20th century. With close ties forged in the 19th century between British bankers and colonial exploiters and similar US east coast establishment families with their ivy league secret societies, Cecil Rhodes schemed to create an Anglo-American world government. To do this, he used the accumulated knowledge of the illuminati, Jesuits, and freemasons to create a network of secret societies. The influence of a highly secretive few few would ripple onto a series of increasingly large and visible groups. Agents for these groups were to be groomed at Oxford University through scholarships that Rhodes set up. Oxford was perfect, because it had championed academically the idea that the exploitative global ventures of British merchants were actually bringing enlightened institutions. Funny how it worked out that millions slaved and even starved in misery in the distant parts of the empire, common taxpayers and citizens paid for it in money and blood, while a select few ended up unimaginably wealthy landowners and bankers? In 1902, just before Rhodes death, the Pilgrim’s Society was created to cements the ties between these US and British schemers. With a powerful base of participants in trade, banking, and opium-dealing of the 19th century, a vast number of organizations were created in the US and Britain in the 20th century to help fulfill Rhodes dream of glorious all-powerful global empire, ruled over by Anglo-American elites. To those paying attention, there has been a recurring theme of mysteriously protected parties profiting from aggressive control of lucrative but illegal global trade, just like the good old days of 19th century opium!!!So is this powerful and nefarious network set up by Rhodes just a theory? Here is what Woodrow Wilson said. “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. ”This “Network” was revealed and confirmed by one of the most trusted and authoritative historians of the 20th century Carroll Quigley. Quigley was given access to vast catalogues of records to confirm details of history and trusted to not rock any boats. Unfortunately, he wrote too much and his work was suppressed, but not before truth had come out. This truth of what we have today — a nest of deceptive power brokers seeking sinister global government — a “New World Order” — is backed up by the accounts of many whistle-blowers. One of my favourite whistle-blowers is Chip Tatum. According to Tatum, after years of flying drugs and weapons under Oliver North in the 80s, he ended up as a part of black-ops group under Skull and Bones VP and later president George HW Bush that was tasked with work that included smuggling and assassinations. His group included agents from not only the US, but also Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, and occasionally Australia and Turkey. It worked for powerful families and global organized crime who met at Jupiter Island Florida “at the house of a widow”. Incidentally, Prescott Bush’s widow, George HW Bush’s mother, had a mansion on this island beside Palm Beach, where many residents were British ex-patriots. Another key whistleblower is Kay Griggs. She ripped off the veil of secrecy of this global secret government by sharing the experiences of her US military husband. Her husband George was seemingly sponsored in his education through organized crime connections, groomed as a blackmailable homosexual at Princeton’s Hun School along with Saudi princes, and initiated through the Princeton secret society counterpart of Skull and Bones, known as Cap & Gown. He was rapidly promoted to colonel, and ended up training assassins and leading black-ops activity in Beirut, which was a significant drug-trafficking hub of the group he worked for. He regularly took part in illegal arms trading, just like Chip Tatum recounted that he had done. Kay Griggs story illustrated a systemically gamed US military, with the courts subverted, and a system of global trade in drugs and weapons controlled just like in the 19th century British empire. Perhaps the biggest reason to believe in a criminal shadow government is 9/11. Since the event, evidence has emerged from many corners to prove not only that it was an inside job, but also exactly who must have been involved and how they did most of the deception. The triggering event for the “War on Terror” could ONLY have been successful with a compliant and fully partnered media presenting the event as a psychological warfare campaign on the US public. It showed complete corrupt compliance by US government agencies, from the CIA to FBI, NSA, DOJ and FEMA. Almost all world government pledged their allegiance to a narrative that surely their own intelligence agencies knew was a lie… showing global shadow government control. Anyone who doubts that 9/11 was a controlled demolition, inside job is disagreeing with more than 3000 architects and engineers and a team of lawyers with endless eyewitness proof. Four tonne beams do not blast sideways at 70mph from gravity collapse. Buildings do not crush themselves into dust and molten steel due to a fireball, minor damage to their mesh-like steel frames, or office fires. 1200 bodies do not become burned beyond DNA identification without highly unusual circumstances.The truth is out there. Step back and see this forest of evil for what it is. It is time for chopping and burning because this evil has moved for a final battle on the resistance of humanity to its plans.

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