Zionist Transdemocracy: Killing the Heterosexuals & Goyim

Pennsylvania Orders Everyone to Wear Mask In Their House

By infostormer -November 19, 20203

Pennsylvania has issued more lunatic coronavirus orders. One of the crazier ones they’ve issued is an order that requires everyone to wear a mask inside their homes. These orders appear to largely be the idea of the freakish Jewish tranny Rachel Levine pictured above who runs the Pennsylvania state health department.

Despite actual studies and basic common sense dictating that masks don’t do anything to stop this virus which has a 99.99 percent something survivability rate, they are just doubling down and tripling down on the severity of the mask orders.

Everyone says that Donald Trump is an evil orange man, but he never forced people to do things against their will like this tyrannical kike tranny is. Telling people that they have to wear certain things inside their own homes is the very definition of what a tyrant does.

Jim Jordan is asking what’s next.https://platform.twitter.com

Well Congressman Jordan, I can tell you exactly what’s next. These people if not stopped are going to start putting people who disagree with these deranged orders into camps and then they will start killing them.

This is who are running this show: Zionist Rothschild, Zionist Satanyahu, Pope (Evil Pedophile Satanist Like ALL of this group), Zionist George Soros Who Threw the Election For Biden (Zionist) Against Zionist Trump, Henry Kissinger (Zionist), Hillary Clinton (Zionist), etc.

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