Comment:  THE  Favored Ones are Child Molestors.  The Cabal supplies extreme child molestors with their babies/children/teens and control them by their addiction to children…..The Cabal are the Satanic British Monarchy & Empire.

05:00 – Source: CNN
Madison Cawthorn had a rough week
CNN — 

North Carolina Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn claimed that he has been invited to an orgy in Washington and had personally seen leaders in the efforts to curb drug addiction doing cocaine.

Cawthorn, who was elected in 2020 as the youngest person ever to serve in Congress, made the comments during an appearance on the “Warrior Poet Society” podcast with host John Lovell.

Lovell was asking Cawthorn how close the fictitious TV show “House of Cards” was to real life as a member of Congress. To which Cawthorn said this:

“The sexual perversion that goes on in Washington … being kind of a young guy in Washington, where the average age is probably 60 or 70 – [you] look at all these people, a lot of them that I’ve looked up to through my life, I’ve always paid attention to politics. … Then all of a sudden you get invited – ‘We’re going to have a sexual get-together at one of our homes, you should come.’ … What did you just ask me to come to? And then you realize they’re asking you to come to an orgy. … Some of the people leading on the movement to try and remove addiction in our country, and then you watch them do a key bump of cocaine right in front of you. And it’s like, this is wild.”

Uh, what?

It’s not clear to me whether Cawthorn is suggesting that members of Congress have invited him to orgies or just other people in Washington – although after listening to his comments several times, it seems to be the former.

Ditto his allegations of seeing people in Washington doing cocaine.

Either way, Cawthorn is making some very serious allegations here. On a podcast. With zero proof or follow up. You can’t just say stuff like this without being asked follow-up questions – like who, exactly, is he talking about and when did all of this happen?

(I have reached out to Cawthorn’s office for comment but haven’t heard back yet.)

Cawthorn and controversy have gone hand in hand since he was elected to the House seat previously held by Mark Meadows, who was chief of staff for former President Donald Trump.

Earlier this month, CNN reported that Cawthorn was facing charges of driving with a revoked driver’s license, the second time he’s been flagged for that violation in the last five years.

Cawthorn also drew negative attention when a video surfaced of a recent speech Cawthorn gave in which he described Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a “thug” and called the Ukrainian government “incredibly evil.”

(Cawthorn tried to defuse the situation with a tweet in which he noted that “Putin and Russia are disgusting,” but added that “leaders, including Zelensky, should NOT push misinformation on America.”)

In March 2021, CNN reported on a series of allegations of sexual misconduct made against Cawthorn by women who said he behaved inappropriately to them during his college years. Cawthorn has denied any wrongdoing.

That’s a whole lot for someone who is been in Congress for less than two years.

The ball – on this latest matter – is now very much in Cawthorn’s court. He’s made some very big allegations. Can he back them up?

Cawthorn concedes to Edwards in NC GOP primary

(NewsNation) — U.S. Representative Madison Cawthorn conceded to North Carolina state Sen. Chuck Edwards in the GOP Primary for the state’s 11th Congressional district, a spokesperson for Cawthorn’s campaign shared.

Decision Desk HQ also projects that the embattled lawmaker lost the primary.

Despite a plea from former President Donald Trump, North Carolina voters opted not to give Rep. Madison Cawthorn a second chance.

Before voters hit the polls, Trump appeared to make a last-ditch effort to save Cawthorn’s campaign efforts, posting on social media that Cawthorn made “foolish mistakes” but that he deserved a second chance in the GOP primary. Key Republican leaders in the state pushed against Cawthorn in his bid for reelection.

Cawthorn has been at the center of multiple scandals, including driving with a revoked license and bringing a gun to an airport — twice.

In March, Cawthorn had about 49 percent support in his district. That number went down to 38 percent in April.

Some of the leading Republicans in North Carolina not only spoke out against Cawthorn but donated money to groups trying to defeat him.

Cawthorn faced seven other Republican candidates in the primary for the 11th Congressional District seat. In addition to Edwards, he was challenged by Matthew Burril, Rod Honeycutt, Wendy Nevarez, Bruce O’Connell, Kristie Sluder and Michele Woodhouse.

Edwards will face Democratic nominee Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, a minister and organizer, in the general election.

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Meanwhile the Chester the Molestors running AMERIKA get away with child abuse crimes like this:

The Making of a Mind Controlled Assassin


MKUltra Programming Via Extreme Torture & Sexual Stimulation Done By Bush, Sr., Carter and Bill Day@13


MKUltra programming Via Extreme Torture and Sexual Stimulation: This is part of the actual Programming done to Randal Turner as a teenager.

This occurred in the late 70s Jimmy Carter was president at the time.

George Bush Sr. was CIA director or running for office at the time. They came into the bedroom of the house I was staying in with Marcheline Bertrand. I had went on a white house tour about a week prior and had to defend myself from Bush Jr. for telling him to get away from some kids in our tour group that he was perving out on.

Jr had grabbed two of them and rubbed their heads against his crotch.

I told him to get away from the kids and he said Randy I like you boy as he walked walking over and placed his arm around my shoulder then he sucker punched me in the gut.

I bent down from the punch to my gut then stood up hitting him with an upper cut to the chin knocking him down.

A kid named Paul Bonacci was with Jr.

Our tour was passing through the kitchen at the time where George Jr. and Paul were getting something to eat.

Bush Jr. stood up after I punched him and said oh! Randy’s a fighter! Then he came at me and I rabbit punched him about 5

times in the face before he could throw a punch and he went down.

I grabbed the kids and told Jr to stay down or he would end up in the hospital. He stayed down till I left with the kids and we caught up to the others in our tour group. Jon Voight was part of the group ahead of me and found out what happened. He was afraid Bush Sr. who was CIA at the time would be mad at him. He invited me to the billiards room and as I opened the door I was hit in the face with a beer mug cracking one of my teeth. I got up and started going towards Jr but Voight stopped me and said it was over you got Jr. and now Jr. got you back so it ends here! Voight set the whole thing up so the little punk could get a cheap revenge shot in. which ended up cracking my front tooth at the root leaving me with a dead tooth.

Randal Turner explaining the torture and how they create one or more of his mind control alternates.

Not to be confused with Multiple personality or Dissociative Identity Disorder. Though they use techniques that have been found to be the cause of DID it is not the same.

A MKUltra must be activated via drugs and Alternates called out by a handler whereas a DID or MPD will have a multiple come out due to something traumatic occurring:

(Randal is talking about being held down and tortured by Bill Day, Photojournalist, ex-President Herbert Walker Bush and ex-President Jimmy Carter) Randal replied that all these people were a bunch of sadistic psychopathic perverts.

Randy Turner’s Account of Sexual Abuse by Bill Day, Jimmy Carter and Herbert the Pervert Walker Bush when he was around the age of 13-14.

Maybe a week After I had beat Bush Jr. up during our white house tour I am laying in bed and wake up to Bill Day walking into the room.

He sat on the bed to my left and grabbed my left arm then G.H.W Bush walks in and then {Jimmy} Carter walks in and I was thinking wtf is the president doing in my bedroom?

Carter gets on the bed and grabs my right arm and I believe they shoved these long cardboard tubes on my arms which were to make sure I wasn’t able to fight back.

Bush says I heard what u did to my boy you son of a bitch! Bush reaches down and grabs my testicles and starts crushing them.

I was begging them to kill me the pain was so bad and I must have passed out from the pain.

Bill Day was saying things into my left ear as Bush was torturing me, something about not trusting cops or authority and at some point I passed out.

I recall coming to looking down and seeing poppy sucking on my penis.

Carter was saying something into my right ear as Bush was trying to stimulate me sexually; he was saying something about sex with boys, girls, young or old is all good like he was trying to convince me nothing was wrong with sex with young kids with older women and men. I don’t recall what all they programmed just the beginning of it and the rest is a blur.

This continued for what seemed like an hour or more but during one of my court trials Bush claimed I popped within 15 minutes.

When being tortured to this extreme 15 minutes can feel like and hour.

The (popping) is what happens when the brain is unable to deal with the pain it makes a physical change and when this occurs you feel and hear a popping sound in your head.

I am no expert on how it works but I do recall some medical professional explaining it during my court trial saying the brain can physically alter itself to stop pain receptors in some people.

This popping noise is that the victims hear and feel in their head.

It is at this point the Alternates are created.

These Alternates are given names and have completely different personalities from the person being programmed.

The drug they use (Adrenochrome) allows the programmer to feed information into the subconscious and when the drug wares off the victim will have no memory of what took place or a very vague memory of something but usually will relate it to a dream or nightmare they had and not reality.

Comment: Mind Control is essentially a Rothschild Zionist project and done on military bases in conjunction with the CIA primarily. The Rothschild’s consider theirselves ‘Jews’ but are the Synagogue of Satan and mind control is a Satanic project.

Fritz Springmeier has heavily researched Mind Control and his pdf books are readily available for free on the internet.

Insider Comments on Nelson Rockefeller Assassination by 13 Year Old MKUltra Programmed by H.W. Bush & Others


Randy Turner

19 hrs ·

David Rockefeller had his brother Nelson assassinated via poisoning by a 13 year old MKUltra which G.H.W Bush programmed to poison him. Nelson was going to run for president and David didn’t want Nelson in because he couldn’t control him. After Bush had Nelson assassinated David went back on his promise to make George president and instead chose Reagan as President and George VP. This led to George using the 13 year old MKUltra to frame David as taking part in drugging and t…See More

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