America’s Attitude to Friends: We Don’t Like You. We Don’t Care About you. We Just USE you.

“we don’t like you; we don’t care about you; we just want to use you until there is nothing left and then we will discard you on the trash heap of history..”  BRUTALLY HONEST

This is America’s attitude towards everyone EXCEPT the Satanic British Empire.  Period!  America likes only Israel and the United Kingdom both are part of the British Empire.  The Smart Countries and leaders should quickly cut ties with the Dollar, Euro & Pound and look to Russia & China for the Way to Go.  Join the BRICS.  The U.S. totally screwed over their Ukrainian “Friends.” or people they could use and genocide.

The British Empire or Cabal for short owns our media.  They fear porn constantly.  Manipulated food prices rising. Avian Bird Flu Coming.  Russia Has Nukes!  Oh no!  Be Afraid.  Be Very Afraid (lol).  (Can’t help myself here.)  General we have a problem.  Nobody is joining the military.  We need teens to die for our State Monarchies.  They must be poor and struggling so they Have to join the military.  The Pandemic helped us put Mom & Pops out of business but it wasn’t enough!  We need these cockroaches poor with no work and only one option:  Join the Military!  We need an enemy.  Let’s jumpstart the Cold War.  Put out the propaganda:  Russia is on our border.  China is our enemy!  Put out the Propaganda so the Cockroaches will think they’re fighting for their freedom.  lol . The United States is not America, land is not free to live on and hasn’t been since 1850 when we took it over. They might get wise to our lies and figure out America was taken over! Listen to me Colonel, we got away with it in Iraq and even those wounded soldiers weren’t allowed land after risking their lives and being put into wheelchairs, did you hear them demanding free land? Of course, not because they are all idiots Colonel! And nothing has changed so have no worries.  We will get our soldiers and use them as we see fit and they will not demand land or anything from us, they are idiots and always will be idiots, they will take orders and if we want them to suffer with no legs and live in the projects then they will and they will not dare ask for anything! We are their masters Colonel.

One Hour 58 minutes Scott Ritter Bluntly Tells Phillipino how shitty the Empire’s attitude Really Is.  I hate the Empire.  I will love to see it go down.

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