America Needs An Enemy & Wants To Scare Poor Teens Into Joining the Military & This is How They Do It

merica needs an enemy to spend money on arms and scare poor American teens into joining the military, they are going to make life hard for the poor soon and food expensive, rent high etc. this will force kids to make a choice between military or poverty

The Weapons Manufacturers and Banksters LOVE making money on Wars.  They Own the Media and use it to Make Russia and China Into THE Enemies of America and tell lie after lie after lie after lie after lie to get their way.  Gullible Americans watching TV download the Lies into their subconscious and no amount of reasoning with them can get them to see the truth.  The Real Enemy is their Crime Syndicate Government starting Wars All over the World for the BRITISH!  Right now the Crime Syndicates Running America are by policy inflating Rents, running up the cost of housing by higher Interest Rates and making food expensive.  This will scare teens who are not economically making it into the Military to be used by the Crime Cabals as Cannon Fodder.  The Crime Cabals only allow their own members to be Brass meaning officers.  They use and abuse enlisted men.  All the promises made to these people on Health Care are gradually being broken as VA Hospitals keep closing down and care is less available and further away.  The Ukraine war is a Hoax.  It was a CIA coup on the Leadership of Ukraine and an installation of hand picked Jewish Traitors in 2014 initially.  Zelensky told the Same lies as Biden to be elected.  He is a Jew and Biden is a ZIONIST.  BTW Victoria Nudleman now known as Nuland (Jew) and Pyatt (Secret Society) installed and instigated this coup against the Ukrainian people.  These people work for the Crime Syndicate known as the British Empire….a Satanic vile Empire who the U.S. invades other countries for, Israel was created by and Americans come back in body bags for.  Our politicians are almost ALL traitors as is President Chester the Molestor Biden.  SICK!  Scott Ritter says it like it is at 1 Hour 58 Minutes 58 Seconds      America uses and abuses its allies:

Comment:  WW3 will be Totally the fault of the U.S. and U.K. not Russia or China.Scott Ritter:  “we don’t like you; we don’t care about you; we just want to use you until there is nothing left and then we will discard you on the trash heap of history.”.   BRUTALLY HONEST. This is actually America’s attitudes towards every single ally except Israel.

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