NWO Globalist Cabal Now Assassinating Conservative Christian Political Candidates Worldwide


Feature picture is Serbian poster showing U.S. as leader of forces of Satan (vassal countries have U.S. installed leaders) vs Christian Russia and countries with Russia breaking free of the Satanic British Empire.

Christian Byzantine did not have this problem with the Jews.  As Ezra Pound noted “Keep them out of Banking, Out of Education, Out of Government.”  For this Ezra Pound was declared a Dangerous Man and was incarcerated in an asylum for the rest of his life.  He was onto something.  The U.S. is Controlled by these Ashkenazi “Jews” who are actually the Synagogue of Satan aka Canaanites.  Thanks to this we have Child Porn, Child Prostitution, DOPE, Inc. Massive Political Corruption from Top to Bottom, SLAVES in plain Site, Dumbed Down Population, Fluoride in our Drinking Water to Anaesthetize us & dumb us down (It Works!), all manner of Illegal activity while Christians are massively Discriminated against as are Anti-War Activists!  Thanks to our gov’t takeover by this Satanic crowd we have the highly illegal criminal Monarch and MKULTRA (assassin) projects being done by the CIA and military Intelligence.  We have massive graves in the thousands of their tortured to death discards too.  We even have mass graves of children’s skulls in the California Desert as told to me by a friend told to her by a biker.

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