Our Life Beyond MKULTRA Whistleblower Describes Being Forced to Suck a Military Man’s Penis With a Gun to Her Head & Shows Picture of Major General Albert Stubblebine

Pictured Top Centre is Major General Albert Stubblebine.


Major General Albert Stubblebine was evidently involved in Military Intelligence Mind Control programming slaves to suck his penis with a Gun to their Heads.  She mentions this numerous times as part of her Sexual Programming.   He would have done this in Service to the British Empire as Mind Control is British in Origin out of the Tavistock Institution (Rockefeller Funded) and British Intelligence.  MKULTRA was Rockefeller funded.  I am not trying to discredit Major General Stubblebine as he was a great Whistleblower but to get to the Top in America you Have to Be DIRTY.  Sexually abusing a mind controlled slave goes hand in glove with Military Intelligence and the CIA.

Albert Stubblebine - WikipediaComment:  Army Intelligence worked DIRECTLY with the CIA in Mind Control Slavery.

lbert “Bert” Newton Stubblebine III (February 6, 1930 – February 6, 2017) was a United States Army major general whose active-duty career spanned 32 years. Beginning as an armor officer, he later transferred to intelligence. He is credited with redesigning the U.S. Army intelligence architecture during his time as commanding general of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) from 1981 to 1984, after which he retired from active service.

Over the course of his retirement, it became widely known that Stubblebine maintained a keen interest in psychic warfare throughout his service. He sought to develop an army of soldiers with special powers, such as the ability to walk through walls.[1][2] He is a posthumous recipient of the LTC Thomas Knowlton Award – medal and certificates.


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