Ruining an Innocent Child’s Life is ONLY a Misdemeanor in California

Comment:  In the Synagogue of Satan run United States of Satan Child Trafficking is supported as it is the Biggest Money Maker EVER….more money than Drugs or Adult Prostitution.  The CIA and Military Intelligence are fully involved in Child Trafficking and they don’t want their Child Trafficking Shut Down.  Since the CIA traffics children to our Pedophiles in Charge (POLITICIANS), Talking Heads (Anchors), A List Actors like Tom Hanks , Directors Like Steven Spielberg, etc. It will be VERY Hard to pass laws to protect children here.

Roy Cohn — The CIA Pedophile Ring Leader of An Evil Mechanism of Political Control


30 August 2017

TRUTHSEEKER — How do you control a politician? Compromise him. Secretly video-tape him having sex with someone other than his wife – like a prostitute or a child – and use that videotape to blackmail him. It’s that simple. The mastermind of such operations in the US for more than thirty years was Roy Cohn.

Cohn was the right-hand man of Senator Joseph McCarthy during the early 1950’s witch-hunt against alleged Communists. He allied himself with top Republicans like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Cohn held a leadership position with the Western Goals Foundation and the Council for National Policy – two powerful conservative think-tanks with ties to the riches and most powerful people in the US. Cohn’s law practice had deep ties to organized crime, as well as the Catholic Archdiocese of New York. He was also a close ally of Donald Trump. What has become increasingly clear is that Cohn was the CIA mastermind behind Washington’s pedophile blackmail network, which is alive and well today.

Cohn was allied with Grover Norquist, who helped augment the use of the Muslim Brotherhood as both a friend and bogeyman of US foreign policy. Cohn was also allied with John Singlaub, one of the arch-conspirators of the Reagan WhiteHouse who performed assassinations and drug-running on a massive scale.

He was allied with Larry MacDonald, who, after trying to expose the truth of high crimes in high places, was killed along with everyone else aboard KAL007 over Russia in 1983. And of course the circle wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Oliver North, arch-conspirator behind the Iran-Contra affair. All of this nefarious criminal activity has its origins with the post-WWII Odessa Network of transplanted Nazis in the US run by Reinhard Gehlen. […]

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