Horrific Witches Ritual: Dropping Woman Into Boiling Cauldron (Germany)

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Woman Hospitalized After ‘Witches’ Drop Her Into Boiling Cauldron

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After the Saturday incident, which took place during a witch carnival parade in Eppingen, Germany, police are looking for two unidentified people who were dressed as witches. Both can be charged with inflicting bodily injury out of negligence and possible neglected assistance.

An 18-year-old woman was seriously injured during a carnival parade in Germany after her legs were severely scalded in a witch’s cauldron full of boiling water, German media wrote.

According to reports, a group of people standing around urged the young woman to approach the two individuals dressed as witches, one of whom lifted her up and held her over the cauldron, while the other opened it.

The whole ordeal was apparently supposed to be a joke, but at some point the woman suddenly found herself standing in the boiling water.

Circumstances surrounding the incident remain unknown, but the perpetrators are said to have left the injured woman where she was and fled the scene, while passers-by simply pushed along without taking care of her.The woman was taken to a special clinic where she will have to stay for one to two weeks due to the severity of the injuries, police spokesman Achim Küller said on Monday. A police inquiry is underway.

Given the accident, the city is considering canceling the event. The parade has been organized by the association “Hexenzunft Eppingen” (“Witch Corporation Eppingen”) since 2003.

My Comment:  Satanism involves torture of people and animals.

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