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Mythicist Adam Green’s anti-Zionism is Marxist derived

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
June 16, 2023 Anno Domini

The legitimacy of Christ mythicist Adam Green’s entire online persona rests on the idea that he is against Jewish supremacism, whatever that is.

If we can uncover what “Jewish supremacism” means to Adam Green, perhaps, then, we can get a clearer understanding of what his objectives truly are. He seems to use his position of fighting “Jewish supremacism” as a cover for everything he says. If anyone criticizes what he says, he can just point them back to his “heroic” fight against the “Jewish Supremacists”. This is more the tactic of a cult leader than of a truth seeker.

For Catholics, we oppose world Jewry because of their rebellious behavior directed against Christ our Lord, His Church, and his moral order in the world (to which every man is subject). We know that their world ambition is based entirely in opposition to Jesus Christ. The Church Fathers have warned us of the nefarious nature of Jews and why they must be resisted, their influence in society restricted, and treated with suspicion but ultimately left unharmed (see the Vatican’s Papal Bull Sicut Judaeis Non).

Anti-Zionism, on the other hand, is a modern-day invention of the Soviet system. It is a dialectical anti-thesis to the supposed thesis of British “colonialism”. This Marxist struggle plays the leading role in the KGB operation known as SIG (Zionist government). This struggle pits the world against a so called British-led Zionist conspiracy. Since Zionism is so new and Israel only a Soviet vassal state, it’s difficult to compare its achievements and/or failures with those of the phenomenon of British Colonialism. But we know for a fact that British colonialism has greatly benefited the world, in a way greater than even the Roman Empire benefited its member nations, and it did so without the use of slavery. Therefore, British colonialism and Zionism share little in common, although Marxists would have us believe they are the same thing. Adam Green’s cheap anti-Zionist cover only furthers this Jewish Marxist conflation, which is ironic considering he claims to oppose Jews, or at least “Jewish supremacism”.

Comment:  In My Opinion Communism is just another form of British Empire Colonialism.  Communism was created by the Rothschilds who are embedded in the British Empire & intermarried with British Royals.  The British Royalty were Pro Hitler and are Pro Zionist.  They are Saxe-Coburg-Gotha German Speaking ZIONISTS from Germany.  They changed their name to Windsor to sound British as they took over the British Crown.  They are descendants of PIRATES!

But what is Zionism? It’s merely Jewish nationalism. Every race has the right to its own nationalism. The Old Testament supports this nationalism, although to the rightful heirs of the promise to Abraham—those who would become the Body of Christ through His Church. Is it a coincidence that the nations most dedicated to Christ through His church have been blessed with the many benefits that British colonialism has afforded them? (I would argue that American colonialism is an extension of British colonialism). 

Comment:  America is under British Colonialism.  We have massive inflation, over printing of money, massive unemployment, taxes on everything-we are being taxed to death!, Farmers being driven out of business by unfair laws, Business persons being driven out of business by unfair regulations (10 million or more) and Plandemic shutdown, the Monarch torture/child rape Projects-at least 149 of them run by the CIA answering to the British Intelligence, the coup against elected Donald Trump by the British Intelligence Operatives Dearborn & Steele.  None of these are advantageous to the American people.  I DISAGREE STRONGLY with what has been said about British Colonialism being beneficial.  Furthermore we have mass graves of murdered children all over America & Canada due to the CIA Monarch Mind Control projects to make children into Sex Slaves, Assassins, Spies & Drug Couriers of the Criminal Elite.  No Benefit to Americans or Canadians At All!  The ADRENOCHROME Torture/harvesting of hormones and killing kids is British Empire Insane Criminality as well.  Since these Zionists own the press and run the Child Trafficking & Adrenochrome they will never report on their own criminality!  All of us are being Socially Engineered to Satanic Destruction & “Depopulation” with 1900  Food Processing Plants shut down or burnt down.  No benefit to anyone.  But as anyone who has studied the British Knows they are Malthusian to their core and firmly believe the rest of us are like animals who don’t deserve to live.  The British Royalty love killing animals shooting about 50  swine at a time.  They are rapacious KILLERS.

Where things can get complicated is when Marxist narratives get mixed up with, for example, Catholic anti-Judaism (as mentioned above). While Catholic anti-Judaism is not anti-Zionist per se (Pope Pius X did condemn the Zionist movement in 1904), it might be reluctant to grant a true homeland (not a Soviet-Rothschild-created one) to world Jewry out of fear of Jewish behaviour and how it might exploit such a scenario in order to harm Christ’s Church and the moral order. Well, this is exactly what has happened, except the Jews didn’t need the state of Israel to accomplish this. Their subversion of the Christian-led world order began centuries before 1948. Therefore, I submit that Zionism itself has not been a major factor in the world’s subversion by Christ’s enemies. It has merely played a dialectical role in the current geo-political mess we have today. It could be argued, then, that Green’s position on “Jewish supremacism” is an anti-racist positon, with Marxist undertones. The reader will realize that anti-racism is entirely Marxist.

Back to Green’s so-called opposition to “Jewish supremacism” as his basis for attacking the Church and Holy Scripture. He loosely bases his notion of Jewish supremacism on the Torah merely because it calls for nationalism and the biased idea that God commanded groups of deviants like the Amalek to be wiped out. Again, Israel was protecting its national interests, like any nation should do. Would Green call it supremacist if God commanded the Church today to wipe out the increasingly insane  LGBT movement? I think most conservatives, Christian or not, would call this very based and would support it. If you don’t like what God was forced to do in the Torah due to man’s sins, you can’t also oppose things like the death penalty. You see where I am going with this?

As a side but important note, Green misleads his audience about Torah, insinuating that there is only one Torah with which both Jews and Christians revere equally. In reality there are three, which the Jews interchangeably call “Torah” when it suits them. The Torah SheBeal Peh is actually the Babylonian Talmud, while the Torah SheBichtav is the Tankh (Old Testament). Green further deceives his audience, out of ignorance or malice, by not revealing that the Torah SheBeal Peh is Judaism’s most authoritative out of the three Torahs (Torat Ha-adam is the third and is a rabbinical legal treatise), while Christianity reveres only the Tanakh and condemns the Talmud and rabbinical writings.

If Green is against nationalism, he has to be for globalism. If Green is for globalism, his opposition to Jewry is as fake as three-dollar bill and our suspicious must be correct that he is using a cheap form of anti-Zionism to carry out an anti-Christian agenda (all anti-Zionism is cheap, for that matter. It’s just a Marxist means to an end). If Green is against British Colonialism, as any good anti-Zionist should be, then he has bought into Marxism and he is even less trustworthy.  (Comment:  Have to agree with this statement.)


  1. It is a fact that the Western nations directly supports Israel, while Russia and their allies will support and fund the Arabs, but will never arm the Arabs to the point where they can destroy Israel. Because both the Western nations and Russia has a significant Jewish supremacist lobby that will maintain the survival of Israel.

  2. British Imperialism was NOT good because British Imperialism was a project of the Rothschild bankers. I do not deny the Soviet role in the creation of Israel, but the Balfour Declaration basicially granted jews the land of Palestine. Due to subversive Jewish influence in both East and West, ZOG East will be controlled opposition, while the ZOG West will be the explicit proxy.

    The Bank of England was rescued by the Rothschilds in the 1820’s and the Duke of Wellington’s armies were also funded by the Rothschilds. The Opium wars in China was literally fought to protect Sassoon Jewish drug lords after the opium trade was banned in China.

    To call anyone who recognizes the historical fact that Zionists collaborated with British imperialists as “Marxist” is simply absurd. Zionists also collaborated with Nazis and Soviet Communists.

    You then claim that British imperialism is “God’s blessing” even though you are a Catholic and the British and American imperialists are largely Protestants, Freemasons, and Secularists.

    Judeo-masonry allied with British Imperialists, Anglo-Saxon culture:

    If you judge “God’s blessing” by material wealth, you will have to conclude that the blessing of your god is simply a illogical concept because the least religious nations such as Nordic nations, Canada and Japan are the best nations on every metric, while the most religeous nations which are in either Subsaharan Africa or Latin America are the worst in pretty much every metric.

    Britain was the first nation in the world to be taken over by supremacist Jews in the 1650’s, while the US only got officially taken over by (((them))) after the establishment of the federal reserve and Russia getting taken over by (((them))) in 1917. I appreciate your criticism of the Soviet Union, but to downplay the influence of the British or any other Western nation in aiding the Jew agenda is something I am strongly critical of.

    It is very strange why a person of Irish ethnicity and of the Catholic sect would support the largely Protestant, Freemasonic, and Secularist Anglo chauvinists. It is like a Pole supporting Russian chauvinism.

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