The movie Sound of Freedom is currently the number one movie in America. It beat out the horrendous Indiana Jones film and other Jewish Hollywood garbage despite it being in a fraction of the theaters.


The plot is based off of the story of United States DHS agent Tim Ballard who quits his job to go after child sex traffickers in South America. The movie stars Jim Caviezel as Ballard who is best known for playing the role of Jesus Christ in Passion of the Christ. He was largely blacklisted by Jewish Hollywood after this role.

Mel Gibson apparently had some input in the development of this movie as well. He has had his own problems with Jewish Hollywood since producing Passion of the Christ.


This film was actually made in 2018 but because it sheds light on the global child sex trafficking industry, there were all sorts of roadblocks put in place to prevent its release. The child sex trafficking industry is of course heavily intertwined with Jews and other people in powerful positions.

Remember Pizzagate? That shit was real. If it wasn’t real, nobody would care about a film like this being released.


I hope that this movie will get people to take another look at Pizzagate. It looks like the film is going to do quite well. There’s definitely some serious buzz around it.