Mind Control Handlers From Satanic Secret Societies

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Trauma-Based Mind Control Programming 101

(also called MK-Ultra Mind-Control Programing or Monarch Mind-Control Programming

1. Mind Control Programming Basics:

  • “Trauma-based mind control programming can be defined as systematic torture that blocks the victim’s capacity for conscious processing (through pain, terror, drugs, illusion, sensory deprivation, sensory over-stimulation, oxygen deprivation, cold, heat, spinning, brain stimulation, and often, near-death), and then employs suggestion and/or classical and operant conditioning (consistent with well-established behavioral modification principles) to implant thoughts, directives, and perceptions in the unconscious mind, often in newly-formed trauma-induced dissociated identities, that force the victim to do, feel, think, or perceive things for the purposes of the programmer. The objective is for the victim to follow directives with no conscious awareness, including execution of acts in clear violation of the victim’s moral principles, spiritual convictions, and volition. Installation of mind control programming relies on the victim’s capacity to dissociate, which permits the creation of new walled-off personalities to “hold” and “hide” programming. — Quoted from Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., The Relationship Between Mind Control Programming and Ritual Abuse.
  • Mind Control Programming has been installed below the level of consciousness of the mind of the victim. The programming deliberately creates dissociative identity disorder (DID), also known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), and installs memory blocks in the victim’s mind that the victim has no memory nor awareness of being programmed and used, unless the victim has been deprogrammed.
  • Mind Control is total slavery. Those “entities” who programmed the mind-controlled victims are modern day slave masters who view and treat the victims as their total possessions. A mind-control programmed victim is used as a piece of property that has been totally stripped away all human rights and dignity. In the eyes of these “entities”, the victim’s only reason to exist is to be owned, controlled, and used for the benefits of these slave masters.
  • Mind-control programming has been widely spreaded across the world. The following are typical candidates of mind-control programmed slaves:
    • Politicians, government leaders and key personnel, military leaders and key personnel, financial industrial leaders and key personnel, influential academic or research personnel. The goal is for the “entities” to control the world’s politics, military, economy, and researches. In the eyes of these controlling “entities”, if you are of any importance to their agenda to control the world, they simply cannot afford to not control you.
    • Children. Children are easily programmed and can be used for child sex trafficking, drug trafficking, intelligence gathering, etc. They can also be programmed to be a “sleeper” slave that can be invoked later during special circumstance by the programmers.
    • Victims with special traits that can be used for military or genetic research purpose. These victims includes but not limited to: victims from particular races that can be used by the military’s intelligent gathering purpose (Chinese, Russian, etc.), victims who possess special genetic traits (special DNA type, bloodline, heritage, etc.) that can be used for genetic experiments, or victims that can generate huge profits to the entities (victims with attractive appearances, advanced intelligence, special psychic abilities, etc.).
    • Entertainment industry performers. This group of victims is used to influence the media, generate profit, and simply for the “benefit” of slave masters.

2. Recommended Reading:

3. New Type of Mind-Control Programming:

Mind control programming has been evolved to utilize very advanced technologies and has been applied to not only generational illuminati bloodlines, but to general public.

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Randy Turner was also a victim of Mind Control and was an actual MKULTRA.  Here is his story:

Randy Turner | Facebook

He discloses how he was used in his FB posts.  It takes a great deal of courage for someone who was mind controlled to be a whistleblower.  They are constantly threatened and under attack in many ways.  They are ALL microchipped and monitored.

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16 year old MKUltra used during Reagan assassination attempt photo and video proof!

This is the true story of a CIA MKUltra victim who was used at the age of 16 to assassinate then President Ronald Reagan.

Randal has proof to validate being used as a CIA Mind Control assassin during the attempt.

We can see in this video footage that Randal locks himself in the back seat of the patrol car they first attempted to place John Hinckley Jr. into.


Randal carried the nuclear football during the shooting which is a satchel with electronic equipment used to authorize a nuclear attack while the president is away from a fixed command center.

After the shooting he stood up and ran to the limo Reagan was been pushed into by Jerry Par during the shooting.

Jerry Par rolled the window down in a panic and informed Randal that Reagan had been hurt and they needed to get him to the hospital then the limo drove off leaving Randal with the Nuclear Football.

This is a photo of Randal lying on the ground holding the satchel after being knocked to the ground during the shooting.

r/conspiracy - 16 year old MKUltra used during Reagan assassination attempt photo and video proof!


r/conspiracy - 16 year old MKUltra used during Reagan assassination attempt photo and video proof!

Note: The photo negative had been tampered with prior to trial swiping it with metal tool causing the smear over the ear and right jaw line as well as the eyes being poked with a sharp tool in an attempt to cover up it being Randal as well as covering up his large dark pupils caused from the mind control drug they extract from the Endocrine system of the human brain known as Adrenochrome.

Randal then placed the satchel under his coat and ran up the driveway to the upper Hilton which can be seen in the video.


As he was running he came across a patrol car heading down to the area of the shooting.

He informed the officer he had the nuclear satchel and needed to locate where they took Reagan.

The officer allowed Randal get into the back seat and drove down to the scene of the shooting to try and find out where Reagan had been taken.

This is where they tried to place Hinckley inside the patrol car.

Randal having the nuclear football in the back seat tried to wave them away as they tried to open the door but the officer trying to open the door was not paying attention and reached in unlocking the door.

Randal reached over and re-locked the door then pointed to the briefcase as the officer looked inside he then noticed Randal in the back which can be seen in the video and he may have said it was in use if you know what occurred and watch the video again.

This recording was never made public by the mainstream media and the mainstream media claimed the door lock was broken as the reason the police could not get the shooter John Hinckley into the police car.

In the video when slowed down you can clearly see Randal reach over and re-lock the door after they un-locked it.

These moments were covered up by the media who were either paid off or were part of the cover-up and the footage was not released at that time.

A day before the shooting Alexander Haig had Randal’s haircut and dyed and dressed in a uniform that matched Reagans regular aide Colonel Jose Murattis, to make Randal look as close to Reagans regular military aide as possible.

Haig then gave Randal his instructions on what to do saying he needed to stay close to the president at all times.

A couple weeks before the shooting Reagan and Bush Sr. were having a discussion at their secret society after hour party in the White House at which James Brady was present and intoxicated from liquor.

James walked up to Reagan and Bush Sr. and said: How are you ladies doing!

Bush Sr. told Brady to learn his place at which James replied: We are all equals at these events Bush!  Reagan looked at Bush and said “you know, he’s right George we are all equals during these parties.”

James looked at Bush and said: Yah you son of a bitch! Then he staggered away in a state of anger over Bush speaking down to him.

It was at this point I believe James ended up becoming one of George Bush’s targets.

Around a week after the Brady incident, George Bush Sr. and Director of Central Intelligence William J. Casey planned Reagan’s assassination because Reagan rejected Vice President George Bush’s request to have the trade agreement with China changed.

This assassination would put Bush in the presidential seat which would seal the trade deal with China.

At the time they were not listed as a friendly nation so trade was not allowed.

Bill Gates made a deal to give 22.5% of Microsoft to Randal for a $275,000 investment and to make a request and get Reagan to change the US China Trade agreement which would eventually allow Microsoft to manufacture in China.

Randal brought his request to George Bush Sr. who rejected it.

However, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger over heard the request and discussed it with Bush in a private conversation in his office.

Caspar convinced Bush to get it changed stating if they changed the agreement they could sell old stock military arms to China.

Randal over heard this conversation by placing a glass to the door when he was sent out of the room so they could talk about the arms sale deal.

Bush came out of the room and told Randal he changed his mind and decided to help Randal get it changed.

Bush brought this request to Reagan who rejected it.

Randal saw Bush as he was heading to William Casey’s office telling Randal they had a problem with Reagan.

Bush walked into Casey’s office and Randal overheard Bush tell Casey via a cracked door “if he doesn’t cooperate we will do to him what we had done to the Kennedy brothers”

Randal was supposed to shoot Reagan by them using his MKUltra programming but didn’t shoot.

Looking at the video Randal has determined the officer in front of him had jumped back knocking Randal to the ground when Hinckley began shooting at his target James Brady.

The fall caused Randal to snap out of his programming, Randal was confused and looked at Reagan’s limo as it started to drive away from the curb.

At this point Randal got up and ran towards the limo knowing the nuclear football was supposed to be at Reagan’s side at all times.

Just prior to the shooting you can hear a women yelling “Mr. Reagan.. President Reagan”.

Randal believes those were activation words in his MKUltra programming directing him to turn and shoot as he has a clear memory of somebody repeating those words to him prior to the shooting and saying turn and shoot.

This occurred in a waiting room in the hotel just before walking out behind Reagan and the others.

Somebody had taken Randal into the room and told him plans had changed and he was to stay out of Reagans photo op and to walk to the left as you leave the building.

When the shooting did not go as planned those involved had to figure out a way of getting control of the Whitehouse and the Nuclear codes along with the key card Reagan had on him which was taken by people involved and given to the FBI.

The FBI had spoke with Bill Gates father finding out Reagan had sexually abused Randal prior to becoming president during Reagans house party in California and that he used the Whitehouse for afterhours parties where Reagan, Brady and others would use teenagers for sex.

The FBI was in contact with George Bush Sr. whose plan changed when the assassination failed.

They found out where Reagan kept the code card from Bush.

The FBI agreed to hold the nuclear football and code card taken from Reagans boot at the hospital until Reagan handed control over to Bush Sr.

In the after math they decided to pin everything on Haig who was forced to resign but suffered no punishment being Bush had control in the Whitehouse.


The assassination attempt took place on the sidewalk in front of the Washington Hilton hotel.

Many of those in the entourage knew what was going to happen.

When leaving the White House and boarding Marine One Reagan noticed Randal was not Jose Muratti his regular aide as they entered Marine One.

They told Reagan Jose was sick or on vacation and Randal was taking his place for the day.

While on Marine One, Reagan realized who Randal was and commented on his haircut.

It was Jerry Par who explained they were just using him for the day because Jose called in sick at the last minute and it wasn’t a high risk trip so they had Randal take his place.

Reagan probably didn’t think much of it because he and others were using teenagers at their late night sex parties so using Randal for this short trip to the Hilton was no big deal.

Bill Gates father spoke with the FBI on the phone after the shooting occurred, telling the FBI about how Reagan sexually abused Randal and how they had sex parties at the Whitehouse.

To keep everything from the public Reagan agreed to give control to Bush who then made the decisions at the Whitehouse. Reagan from that point on was just a mouth piece.

After the shooting, Randal was interrogated by two men named Ron and Doug.

They asked who all was involved.

Randal explained he recalled Bush Sr., Weinberger and Casey.

Randal was then water boarded after naming Bush and the others.

They wanted Randal to only name Haig as being involved and kept telling him Haig was the only one involved.

Randal kept naming Bush Sr. and William Casey along with Weinberger.

The water boarding wasn’t working so they decided to try making him appear mentally impaired so his testimony would be unreliable.

They would do this by drowning him and leaving him dead a few minutes hoping it would kill off brain cells causing enough brain damage his testimony would not be considered reliable.

Randal recalls being drowned in a stainless steel sink then looking up and seeing Doug pushing on his chest to revive him as he started to breathe again.

The first drowning didn’t do enough damage so they drowned him a second time leaving him dead for 3 minutes this time only to have Randal still recall who was involved after being revived the second time.

Ron wanted to drown him again but Doug said he was worried they would not be able to revive him the third time after having trouble reviving him that second time.

When Randal was brought in to testify they had drugged him up and he was unable to give reliable testimony.

Tom Brokaw did a news report years later about the Carter and Reagan/Bush admin’s using a call boy ring which you can find on YouTube if you question the authenticity of Randal’s story about being used as a mind controlled sex slave as well as a MKUltra.

The truth is this was not a call boy ring but a secret society that used both young boys and girls for sex while using mind control drugs on those who were not willing.

They sealed the trials and claimed it was done for reasons of national security which they did in other trials Randal was involved in.

All of these trials involved very high profile celebrities or Billionaires throughout his life.

In a 2004 trial they found out about the drug Adrenochrome they used on Randal.

Randal remembers Jon Voight had told Reagan that Randal would not remember anything because he was on the drug Adrenochrome.

Reagan was pleased to hear this and sexually abused Randal the first time.

This was during Reagan’s poll results party at his home in California before he became President.

Randal had been a victim of the CIA Mind Control program since around the age of 10 or 11 from what he has recalled so far.

Randal was used as an assassin by those in the US Government secret society and those in Hollywood.

He was also used as a sex slave and drug mule to those in high society.

He has spent his entire life being drugged and framed for crimes to keep him quiet and extort money owed to him by many in high society.

Those who currently control the US Government are the same ones who are part of the secret society who drugged, tortured, and turned Randal into an MKUltra Assassin/Sex Slave.

If they were not they would answer his requests sent to the DOJ, FBI and other agencies who it appears are all part of this organized crime syndicate posing as The United States Government being none have responded.

A forensic photo match was done of the person on the ground holding the NF and Randal.

That photo was used in the court trial.

All points on Randal’s face matched 100% proving it was Randal.

That combined with the back seat video and testimony from the real Jose Muratti’s sister proved without a doubt it was Randal.

One of the videos from the shooting was edited to place an actors face over Randals as he rose from the ground with the NF.

This was discovered to be a computer generated graphics mask added to cover up the truth of them using a 16 year old MKUltra.

Here is the pdf file used in my court trial of Penguin Pineal glands claiming they extracted the Adrenochrome From penguins.

It is actually a cover-up document to cover up them using Human Adrenochrome claiming they used Penguin Adrenochrome on MKUltra victims.


No photo description available.Very Good Read!

CIA Was Trying to Create Human ROBOTS; Masses of Murdered Children Found

Grave sites of children who died from drug testing, sensory deprivation and invasive procedures are immediately west and south of original buildings on Fifth Avenue. Police accredited psychic Yvonne Fantin states “After touching the grounds I saw an ocean of blood and many little bodies on metal gurneys being dumped in a lime pit. Long probes were being inserted through the children’s nostrils into their mid-brains. I was told it was to create human robots.”
A. Indian Residential Schools and Hospitals
British Columbia:
By Kevin Annett
More mass graves of children are identified as movement builds for Canadian War Crimes Trial and independent excavations: Breaking News from the ITCCS, June 3, 2021
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International Media Advisory
Breaking News from the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) – Kevin Annett, Canadian Field Secretary
More Mass Graves of Children are identified at former Indian schools and hospitals – Present day “body dumping” sites also named in special ITCCS report delivered to United Nations – International effort convenes Canadian War Crimes trial and independent excavations at mass graves across Canada
Thursday, June 3, 2021https://www.youtube.com/embed/_gMCQ8ju3k0?feature=oembed
More mass graves of children identified in Canada – War Crimes trial, independent digs to commence
Vancouver and New York City:
A special report issued today to the United Nations identifies the location of twenty-nine separate mass graves of Indian residential school children in Canada. The report was presented by Kevin Annett, the Canadian Field Secretary of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS).
Included in the report is a list of present-day body dumping sites containing the remains of aboriginal people and others murdered by police, organized crime, government and foreign agencies.
In his press statement today, Annett said,
“After painstaking research spanning years, we have documented a continuity of genocide across Canada that is not restricted to the Indian residential school era but continues today. In some cases, the mass graves of school children include the remains of recently murdered aboriginal people, particularly on Canada’s west coast. The same murderous alliance of Church, State and Corporations that wiped out over 60,000 residential school children is continuing to dispossess and kill indigenous people, especially in British Columbia.”
The ITCCS report identifies fourteen mass graves at former Indian schools and hospitals in British Columbia, four in Alberta, three in Manitoba, seven in Ontario and one in Quebec, with a probable though still unexamined site at the Shubenacadie school in Nova Scotia. These sites were identified from archival documents, the first-hand testimony of eyewitnesses and physical surveys conducted by forensic teams. A complete list of these sites is appended.
The report also lists six locations in British Columbia where the contemporary remains of aboriginal people have been interred after probable foul play involving domestic and foreign extra-judicial forces. Two of these sites are on state-funded Indian reservations.
In a related move, human rights groups and delegates to the European Union have contacted the ITCCS and sovereign indigenous nations with an offer to help convene a Canadian War Crimes trial and independent excavations at mass graves across Canada. Their offer includes the dispatching of international peace keepers and forensic specialists to ensure the security and accuracy of the trial and its excavations.
“We welcome this move” remarked Kevin Annett today.
“The present fiasco in Kamloops where Crown agents are amateurishly destroying a crime scene shows why we need international monitoring and support. The Canadian government and the Catholic, Anglican, and United churches that murdered native children are forbidden by international law to investigate their own crime or shape its narrative. They are the criminal defendants in this case. An independent Tribunal with the power to subpoena, arrest, try and convict them as the perpetrators of an ongoing genocide in Canada is the only way forward.”
The ITCCS and its affiliates are planning a series of public forums, protests, and other actions to lay the basis for the Canadian War Crimes trial. We welcome individuals and organizations to endorse and work with such a Tribunal and assist our surveys and excavations of mass graves.
For more information contact itccsoffice@protonmail.com and Kevin Annett at angelfire101@protonmail.com . For background see www.murderbydecree.com and listen every Sunday to news and updates at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern on www.bbsradio.com/herewestand .
Issued Thursday, June 3, 2021 by the Executive of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State – Brussels, New York, Vancouverhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/_gMCQ8ju3k0?feature=oembed
Addendum: A List of Documented Sites of Mass Graves of Children at former Indian Residential Schools and Hospitals and of contemporary body disposal sites
(Some specific details have been omitted to protect sources and evidence)
The template for this information was provided by an original list issued publicly in the spring of 2008 by Kevin Annett and The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared in Vancouver. It was circulated widely to the media, police and government of Canada and was ignored. This updated list is based on eyewitness testimonies, including from those who dug the graves and buried children, along with physical and documentary evidence. It does not claim to be a complete documentation of burial sites, since many residential school graves and their human remains have been destroyed by the RCMP and the complicit churches. As well, a common method of disposing of bodies is incineration, which was a routine method of eliminating children’s remains in the Indian residential schools and hospitals.
A. Indian Residential Schools and Hospitals
British Columbia:
Port Alberni: Presbyterian-United Church Alberni residential school (1895-1973). Land presently occupied by the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council (NTC) office on Kitskuksis Road. Grave site was forensically surveyed in April 2007 and again in May 2011. The site contains a series of prominent sinkhole rows in a hill 120 meters due west of the NTC building, in thick foliage past an unused water pipeline. Children are also interred at the Tseshaht reservation cemetery and in a wooded gully east of the Catholic cemetery on River Road.
Alert Bay: St. Michael’s Anglican school (1878-1975) situated on Cormorant Island offshore from Port McNeill. Intact building is owned by Namgis band council. Grave site is an overgrown field adjacent to the old school, and under the foundations of the present building constructed during the 1960’s. Eyewitness Irene Starr described seeing “little skeletons between the walls” when old building was demolished.
Kuper Island: Roman Catholic school (1890-1975), offshore from Chemainus. Land is occupied by the Penelakut Indian band. Original school building is demolished save for a stone front entrance staircase. One grave site is immediately south of the old building in a field containing a conventional cemetery; another is at the west shoreline in a lagoon near the main dock, partly submerged by the ocean.
Nanaimo Indian Hospital: An experimental facility jointly funded and operated by the United Church and the Canadian Military from 1942 to 1970. Presently on National Defense land, like most Indian hospitals. Original buildings were demolished in the spring of 2006 just two weeks after a forum on the hospital was held at the adjacent Malaspina College (now Vancouver Island University). Grave sites of children who died from drug testing, sensory deprivation and invasive procedures are immediately west and south of original buildings on Fifth Avenue. Police accredited psychic Yvonne Fantin states “After touching the grounds I saw an ocean of blood and many little bodies on metal gurneys being dumped in a lime pit. Long probes were being inserted through the children’s nostrils into their mid-brains. I was told it was to create human robots.”
Mission: St. Mary’s Catholic school, the oldest residential school in B.C. (1861-1984). It is adjacent to and north of Lougheed Highway on the grounds of Fraser River Heritage Park and the Mission Folkfest. Original buildings are destroyed although numerous stone foundations are scattered across the park. Three grave sites are known: a) a large pile of earth on the eastern edge of the park adjacent to the former girls’ dormitory, that only appeared in the 1970’s, b) within a conventional cemetery for priests employed at the school, including felon Brother Murphy from the Kamloops school (see testimony of William Combes), and c) on a hilly slope east of the park and past thick foliage towards the new school building used presently by the Sto:lo Indian band. The grave site is 150 meters west of the new school building.
North Vancouver: Squamish (1898-1959) and Sechelt (1912-1975) Catholic schools, jointly operated, buildings are now destroyed. The grave site is located within the present conventional Squamish Band cemetery.
Sardis: Coqualeetza Methodist-United Church school (1889-1940), then operated as a medical experimental center by the Canadian government from 1940-1969, its cover being a tuberculosis sanitorium. The burial site is adjacent to the Sto:lo Indian reserve and Little Mountain school and to the former hospital building.
Cranbrook: St. Eugene Catholic school (1898-1970). Original building demolished. Several large grave sites completely covered by tourist resort and golf course funded by the federal government in 1999, soon after the first residential school Tribunal where Cranbrook graves were extensively discussed.
Williams Lake: Catholic school (1890-1981). Original building destroyed but foundations intact, located five miles south of town. Grave sites reported north of former school grounds and under foundations of a fifty-meter-long tunnel structure.
Meares Island: Christie Catholic school (1898-1974), offshore from Tofino. Presently the Kakawis Native Healing Center, which incorporates former school buildings. Burial grounds are immediately south of the Center. Underground storage rooms are still intact in which dead bodies were held prior to burial, according to witness Trudy Smith.
Kamloops: Catholic school (1890-1978). Buildings still intact, occupied by Tk’emlups band council. Main mass graves are immediately south of old school in two locations: within the present field and former orchard and under the Pow Wow center and administrative buildings. Witness William Combes said, “Where that office building is now is where they had the underground chambers where they tortured me on a rack and killed lots of kids.”
Lytton: St. George’s Anglican school (1901-1979). Building destroyed. Grave site next to the present playground. Children also reported buried under floorboards of the old building. Witness George Harris describes deaths of children who were locked in stocks in school yards and from floggings of runaway children who were caught and returned.
Fraser Lake: Lejac Catholic school (1910-1976). Buildings now destroyed. Graves reported under old school foundations and between the walls. Runaways imprisoned in sub-basement prisons and left to starve to death, according to former employee “Ken”.
R.W. Large Memorial Hospital, Waglisla: Founded by United Church missionary doctors in 1928. Still in operation. Site of widespread Eugenics experiments, forced sterilizations and mind control experiments by Dr. George Darby senior with Department of Defense and CIA funding. Burial site is adjacent to original buildings near docks. Purging of records of sterilizations occurred in January 1998 shortly after the first residential school lawsuits commenced and prior to first Tribunal into residential schools. According to witness Steve Sampson of Chemainus, “Barb the hospital administrator had most of those sterilization records dumped in the ocean”. (See references at eugenicsarchive.ca and www.murderbydecree.com). Alberta:
Edmonton: United Church school (1919-1960). Building destroyed. Presently site of Poundmaker Lodge in St. Albert. Graves located south of the Lodge under a thick hedge running north-south, adjacent to a large memorial marker.
Edmonton, Part 2: Charles Camsell Hospital (1945-1967). Building still intact. An experimental medical hospital jointly run by federal government and United Church. Childrens’ graves are south of the building adjacent to the staff garden.
Saddle Lake: Bluequills Catholic school (1898-1970). Building still intact. Skeletons and baby-sized skulls observed in a basement furnace by witness Lillian Shirt. Grave is adjacent to the school.
Hobbema: Ermineskin Catholic school (1916-1973). Buildings gone. Five intact, small skeletons observed in basement furnace by witness Richard Johnson. Graves located under foundations of original buildings. Manitoba:
Brandon: Methodist-United Church school (1895-1972). Building still intact though partly in ruins. Burials observed west of building by witness Peter Yellowquill.
Portage La Prairie: Presbyterian-United Church school (1895-1960). Building destroyed but much rubble remains. Children buried at nearby Hillside Cemetery north of the school ruins according to witness Peter Yellowquill who assisted in burials.
Norway House: Methodist-United Church school (1900-1974). Witness and former employee Edith Hill describes a “very old grave” next to the now-demolished school building, destroyed by United Church after local lawsuits commenced against that church in 2004. “The bones of the children and adults were purposely mixed up so they couldn’t tell them apart.” (Witness Edith Hill). Ontario:
Thunder Bay: Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital, still in operation. A primary medical experimental center funded by the federal government, CIA and Catholic church. Employed several “ex” Nazi doctors under the post-war Project Paperclip including Dr. Ruth Kyander and Dr. Heinz Lehman, who jointly developed the mind-retarding drug Chlorpromazine (“the chemical lobotomizer”) using involuntary aboriginal test subjects. Experimental IUD devices were implanted in women, causing deaths. A list of 600 people killed in experiments was released by the local native band in 1998, but then suppressed by the RCMP. Women and children are buried adjacent to present hospital grounds.
Sioux Lookout: Pelican Lake Catholic school (1911-1973). Children buried in prominent mound near to the former school building, now demolished.
Kenora: Cecilia Jeffrey Presbyterian-United Church school (1900-1966). Large burial mound east of the former school building, now demolished. Very extensive series of sinkholes near the lake indicate a second mass burial site.
Fort Albany: St. Anne’s Catholic school (1926-1964). Grave site is immediately adjacent to former school building. Deaths of children placed routinely in basement electric chair reported in the Globe and Mail, October 21, 1996 (see www.murderbydecree.com).
Spanish: Catholic school (1883-1965). Numerous graves are reported adjacent to former school building and under floorboards and foundations.
Brantford: Mohawk Institute Anglican school (1832-1979). First residential school in Canada and longest running. Building still intact and used by Grand River Mohawk band council. Mounded earth and sinkholes indicating mass graves are located extensively on the former school grounds and in forest fifty meters east of the building. Nicknamed “the Mushhole” because of the practice of staff of imprisoning children in cement cisterns and leaving them there to die, according to witness Geronimo Henry. Same witness positively identified buttons and bones recovered in ITCCS and Mohawk-sponsored excavation in October and November 2011. The same bones were positively identified as that of a young girl by Smithsonian Institute pathologist Dr. Don Ortner in January 2012. Excavation occurred in the same area fifty meters east of school building, recovering burned and cut bones, clothing and buttons entangled in roots of tree, confirming school practice of planting trees over buried children, according to witness Roberta Hill. Children were also tortured and buried in sub-basement area of school, possibly involving cultic practices. (See separate report, Appendix Six, www.murderbydecree.com) .
Sault Ste. Marie: Shingwauk Anglican school (1873-1969). Some buildings intact. Graves are on grounds of the old school and in nearby gully. Quebec:
Montreal: Allan Memorial Institute, McGill University. Still in operation since opening in 1940. Major recipient of MKULTRA CIA funding for Dr. Ewen Cameron experiments in mind control and personality modification. Mass grave of children killed in experiments of Cameron and Dr. Wilder Penfield lies north of main building, on the southern slopes of Mount Royal behind an old stone wall. Witness is experiment survivor Ann Diamond. B. Contemporary Body Disposal Sites
Vancouver: Musqueam Indian reserve. Witness and former band maintenance worker Les Guerin has documented the disposal of human and pig remains by Dave Pickton at Musqueam in late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Uncovered remains have been confirmed by Simon Fraser University pathologists. Guerin and band member Art Stogan forced off reserve “at gunpoint” after confronting Chiefs Ed John and Wendy Grant-John over mass grave site at the reserve dump and their illegal importation of drugs and guns at adjoining Celtic Shipyards. Ed John also named by witnesses Helen Michel and Frank Martin as engaged in child trafficking and disappearance of band members in land thefts on John’s home Carrier-Sekani reserve. (See “Memorandum on Missing People”, Appendix Seven, p. 371 ff at www.murderbydecree.com ).
Sea to Sky Highway, Horseshoe Bay: Witness Annie Parker, former prostitute and police informant, describes a hunting lodge ten to fifteen kilometers north of Horseshoe Bay on the Sea to Sky Highway that serves as a body disposal site for aboriginals and prostitutes killed by police and organized crime. The site has been in operation since the 1990’s and contains underground metal cisterns where remains are interred. It was originally owned by RCMP officer Bruce Michaelson and his two associates named Dave and Steve, both of whom served on and misdirected the original Missing Women’s Task Force. Their victims include aboriginal women tortured and killed in “snuff” films as well as competitors to the Chinese Triad drug trade, which underwrites the films and employs Vancouver police and RCMP officers for security and as assassins. A secondary body disposal site of this operation is in Beaver Lake in Stanley Park. According to Annie Parker, “Michaelson and his group are hunting aboriginal women, like in an ethnic cleansing … they target Indians as young as twelve and get rid of them after they’ve used them. They’re untouchable because they have big money backers and judges.” (See Appendix Seven, “Missing People Memorandum, www.murderbydecree.com )
“Piggy’s Palace” and private residence, Coquitlam: Witness Grant Wakefield, former Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) field operative, corroborates Parker’s account and links the Triad-Vancouver “snuff” film and drug trade with major political figures and the convicted Pickton family. According to Wakefield, “The Picktons were the body disposal crew who didn’t do the actual killings of prostitutes. The burials were done in the forested area up the slopes in Coquitlam and further east in Maple Ridge. The killings of the native girls happened in a wealthy home in Coquitlam a couple of kilometers from Piggy’s Palace. In my undercover role I saw that at these snuff parties there were Chinese and Canadian military and business people, former Prime Minister Paul Martin, Mayor (and now Senator) Larry Campbell and a local Catholic Bishop.” (Murder by Decree, ibid.)
The Vancouver Club: Witness Jack Cram, former trial lawyer, brought criminal charges against three British Columbia judges naming them as participants in a child trafficking ring and the disappearance of native women. His evidence named the Vancouver Club at 915 West Hastings street as a center of these actions. Cram claims that a series of underground tunnels and chambers along Burrard Street serve as the killing and body disposal area, linking the Club with downtown churches and the Catholic St. Paul’s Hospital (the scene of the medical murder of Kamloops Indian school survivor William Combes).
Nanaimo: Closed source, a former Hell’s Angels member, describes a series of closed coal mine shafts in the Jingle Pot Road area that serve as a body disposal area for organized crime, the RCMP and churches operating Indian residential schools and the Nanaimo Indian Hospital. These shafts also interred children killed at the experimental medical center at nearby Brannen Lake operated by the federal government and the United Church. The military land embracing the former Nanaimo Indian Hospital also contains the graves of children who died from its experiments, in the area west and south of the now-demolished buildings along Fifth Avenue south of Vancouver Island University.
Highway 16, northern B.C.: Numerous native and police witnesses describe the area between Terrace and Burns Lake as containing at least eight separate body dumping locations including on local Carrier-Sekani reserves and on farms in Moricetown and Burns Lake. The increasing presence of Chinese Liquid Natural Gas companies and PetroChina along this route has led to the disappearance of entire aboriginal families. Closed sources claim that death squads of RCMP and Chinese army personnel are mostly responsible for these disappearances, especially since the Trudeau government’s Foreign Investment Protection Act allows China to station its “security forces” on Canadian soil. This information and accompanying primary evidence and sources are registered in the ITCCS archives and are on the public record.

The Cold, Hard Truth of MK Ultra & Creating Mind Control Slaves


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You have probably heard about MK Ultra in the recent months, if not before.

As we know, MK Ultra is a tight lipped operation created by the CIA which was (from what they say) conducted from 1953-1964.

Dr. Mengele was a German Scientist, brought over to America, through Operation Paperclip to perform sick experiments.

It is said that he killed half a million people for the Nazis before he even came to America.

Then the CIA sponsored him and his experiments. 

Typically, they used LSD to strip away people’s memories to see if they could create something like a Manchurian Candidate.

With 140 MK Ultra subprojects 70 years ago, how could we ever believe the project ended? 

Just look at Hollywood and the music industry.

Ever wonder how Robin Williams was able to play so many different characters so well in all of his performances?

In CIA documents it is stated that these projects have some connection with research into behavioral modification, drug acquisition and testing or administering drugs surreptitiously.

There’s more to the story they don’t want the general public to know. 

Drugs are not the only tool used to program people.

Even I am shocked at the ways used to control human behavior.

According to a list on https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net, they use:

      • Radiation

      • Electroshock

      • Psychology

      • Psychiatry

      • Sociology

      • Anthropology

      • Harassment substances

      • Paramilitary devices

      • LSD.

Mind control programming is also done through horrible trauma. 

It’s basically systematic torture that prohibits the recipient’s ability to consciously process the trauma in hopes of splitting their conscious mind to get through and program the subconscious mind.

This is total mind control and the complete overtaking of another human’s will.

Modern Day Slave Masters.

Let’s Call Them What They Really Are. They Aren’t Programmers. They Are Slave Masters. 

The torture is done through administering drugs, inducing pain, causing terror, illusions, sensory overload or deprivation, spinning, brain stimulation, extreme heat or cold, oxygen deprivation and even near death.

Once the victim has been broken, the slave master then manipulates their subconscious mind to act or behave, in a variety of ways, upon being triggered. 

The objective is to retrain the subconscious mind with “well established behavioral modification principles”.

By embedding certain thoughts, instructions, and viewpoints into the subconscious mind, the objective is to have the victim act in an unconscious way for their master’s benefit.

Putting the victim through such trauma creates an experience that causes them to disassociate because it is just too much to handle. 

It is when they disassociate that the new “storyline” is placed within their subconscious mind in blocked off sections or different personalities to ‘hold’ or ‘hide’ the programming.

So at any time, a handler can call up a particular altar for a particular purpose.

Let me reiterate, the victim has no conscious knowledge or awareness of the behaviors they are programmed to perform, because of the trauma based dissociation, no matter if they go against any core beliefs they may hold.

The victim is basically an owned product to be completely controlled and completely stripped of any dignity and all human rights.

I think the world would be shocked to learn what kind of people and who has been subjected to this kind of programming.

From our politicians, actors, actresses, musicians, children, regular everyday folk – judges, police, military, the list goes on and on.

It’s important for people to understand Alters.

What people don’t seem to understand is that the Alters are different personalities within one body. 

They all have their own preferences, likes and dislikes, mannerisms, bone structure, even down to different fingerprints and possibly DNA.

If we think of the brain as a computer (which it is), then let’s think of an Alter as being a file on the hard drive that is created through trauma and can be recalled and accessed with a cue or a code specific to that file.

MONARCH Programming is such a program where alters are specifically created to perform such things as cover operations, intelligence gathering, prostitution and/or pornography, and you’ll often see it in the entertainment industry. 

Just take a look at Demi Lavato. For one.

Notice the butterfly symbolism in celebrity pictures too.

Remember her song, “I’m a slave…for you”? 

Think that was just a coincidence?

Consider all the attention for #FreeBritney right now.

She has not been able to make her own decisions for pretty much her entire life!

Her father has controlled her since before she was a Disney kid star.

So, the easiest way to remember Monarch Programming is to remember that it is basically structured dissociation and occultic integration in order to split the mind into a number of different personalities with specific traits and objectives.

The twist is that there is typically a Satanic Ritual done during the process which then attaches a demon or group of demons to a particular alter.

Although there are male victims, it is said that females make up about 75% of the victims because they tend to have a higher pain tolerance and tend to disassociate easier than males. 

The programming goes so deep as to have multiple layers within the structure with different levels with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ alters.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the Levels of Monarch Programming, shall we? 

First there is ALPHA programming. This is typically referred to as ‘general’ programming within the base control personality.

Victims are often programmed with extreme memory retention, increased strength and improved eyesight.

Alpa programming focuses mainly on the splitting of the left and right brain thus allowing a programmed blend of the left and right brain via neuron pathway stimulation.

BETA is sexual programming eliminating all moral beliefs and spur sexual instincts. You may see Cat alters come out at this level.

Does this by chance make you think of the Broadway show Cats?

Hmmm. Was there programming in that show?!

DELTA is the ‘killer’ programming. Think Super Soldiers, created for training special agents or elite soldiers. There is no fear within these victims and sometimes even have self destruction or suicide directives within thier layers.

THETA is ‘psychic’ programming. This programming is held for particular bloodlines that come from many generations of Satanic families. It is with this programming where we see brain implants, directed energy lasers and other electronic mind control systems. It is said that these victims are monitored or tracked through satellite systems or highly advanced computers.

OMEGA, also known as Code Green, is the ‘self-destruct’ programming. Self mutilation or suicide is envoked once a victim has sought therapy or when too many repressed memories are surfacing.

GAMMA is system protection through ‘deception’ programming. They use demonology on this level in order to bring out misinformation or misdirection.

Throughout the victim’s life, programming can be accessed, updated or called forward. Even new alters can appear with new agendas.

A really sad factor to all of this experimentation and programming is that a lot of the victims have no memories of what they endured as a child, they just know they don’t remember any of their childhoods. Or very small bits.

It is said that 86 universities or institutions were involved.

The CIA drugged citizens without their knowledge or consent. 

It used university facilities and personnel without their knowledge.

It funded leading researchers, often without their knowledge.

Military bases are typically used as programming or reprogramming or near death trauma centers including:

      • Ft. Hood

      • Ft. Lewis

      • Ft. Campbell

      • Ft. Deitrick

      • Patrick AFB

      • McClellan AFB

      • Maxwell AFB

      • Areas in or by Mt. Shasta..

Weren’t there some natural disasters near Mt. Shasta in the last couple weeks?


What if it’s not just the DUMBs being destroyed…

What if it’s the MK Ultra labs too?! 

This programming goes so deep and has so many different programs that are imposed on people, it would take many posts to even begin to scrape the surface to gain full understanding.

So with that, you can expect more posts about programming so that we can begin to recognize and help spread awareness.

It is very clear by now that the government, celebrities and organizations to “help end human trafficking” are not talking about this.

There is a reason for that!

They don’t want you to know what really goes on behind closed doors.

They don’t want you to know how many children are still being tortured with all this and more today.

This is why it is so critical that you learn, research and share this post with others!

The sooner we can become aware of the situation, the faster we can do something about it.

Thank you for sharing and helping to raise awareness about this!

MKUltra Assassin Describes How He Was Created-Torture Programming

Interesting talk about MKUltra but he doesn’t have information about creating a MKUltra using torture programming. They tortured me to the point my brain had a physical change stopping all the pain as I was being tortured. The Neuroscientist who testified said the brain actually makes this physical change to stop receptors from transmitting signals that cause the pain during the torture programming. He does talk about the hypnosis which is what was done to me in 1976 and the torture programming happened in 1978-79 by Bush Sr. Carter and a CIA asset named Bill Day.


Comment: He was subjected to the severest Mind Control as Military Assassins are. The Military is heavily involved with this as are CIA and Presidents and Hollywood Pedophile Rings. We have MASSIVE POLITICAL CORRUPTION & CENSORSHIP FOR THIS TO GO ON! The reason Media censors this information is because the ZIONIST Mafia owns the Media! Basically mind controlled assassins are Satanic CIA/Military SLAVES. If you have questions feel welcome to chat with Randy at FB….link follows. He was sold by his mother to Jon Voight to be used as security/nanny/slave to Jon Voight’s daughter Angelina Jolie.



MKUltra Programming Via Extreme Torture & Sexual Stimulation Done By Bush, Sr., Carter and Bill Day@13


MKUltra programming Via Extreme Torture and Sexual Stimulation: This is part of the actual Programming done to Randal Turner as a teenager.

This occurred in the late 70s Jimmy Carter was president at the time.

George Bush Sr. was CIA director or running for office at the time. They came into the bedroom of the house I was staying in with Marcheline Bertrand. I had went on a white house tour about a week prior and had to defend myself from Bush Jr. for telling him to get away from some kids in our tour group that he was perving out on.

Jr had grabbed two of them and rubbed their heads against his crotch.

I told him to get away from the kids and he said Randy I like you boy as he walked walking over and placed his arm around my shoulder then he sucker punched me in the gut.

I bent down from the punch to my gut then stood up hitting him with an upper cut to the chin knocking him down.

A kid named Paul Bonacci was with Jr.

Our tour was passing through the kitchen at the time where George Jr. and Paul were getting something to eat.

Bush Jr. stood up after I punched him and said oh! Randy’s a fighter! Then he came at me and I rabbit punched him about 5 times in the face before he could throw a punch and he went down.

I grabbed the kids and told Jr to stay down or he would end up in the hospital. He stayed down till I left with the kids and we caught up to the others in our tour group. Jon Voight was part of the group ahead of me and found out what happened. He was afraid Bush Sr. who was CIA at the time would be mad at him. He invited me to the billiards room and as I opened the door I was hit in the face with a beer mug cracking one of my teeth. I got up and started going towards Jr but Voight stopped me and said it was over you got Jr. and now Jr. got you back so it ends here! Voight set the whole thing up so the little punk could get a cheap revenge shot in. which ended up cracking my front tooth at the root leaving me with a dead tooth.

Randal Turner explaining the torture and how they create one or more of his mind control alternates.

Not to be confused with Multiple personality or Dissociative Identity Disorder. Though they use techniques that have been found to be the cause of DID it is not the same.

A MKUltra must be activated via drugs and Alternates called out by a handler whereas a DID or MPD will have a multiple come out due to something traumatic occurring:

(Randal is talking about being held down and tortured by Bill Day, Photojournalist, ex-President Herbert Walker Bush and ex-President Jimmy Carter) Randal replied that all these people were a bunch of sadistic psychopathic perverts.

Randy Turner’s Account of Sexual Abuse by Bill Day, Jimmy Carter and Herbert the Pervert Walker Bush when he was around the age of 13-14.

Maybe a week After I had beat Bush Jr. up during our white house tour I am laying in bed and wake up to Bill Day walking into the room.

He sat on the bed to my left and grabbed my left arm then G.H.W Bush walks in and then {Jimmy} Carter walks in and I was thinking wtf is the president doing in my bedroom?

Carter gets on the bed and grabs my right arm and I believe they shoved these long cardboard tubes on my arms which were to make sure I wasn’t able to fight back.

Bush says I heard what u did to my boy you son of a bitch! Bush reaches down and grabs my testicles and starts crushing them.

I was begging them to kill me the pain was so bad and I must have passed out from the pain.

Bill Day was saying things into my left ear as Bush was torturing me, something about not trusting cops or authority and at some point I passed out.

I recall coming to looking down and seeing poppy sucking on my penis.

Carter was saying something into my right ear as Bush was trying to stimulate me sexually; he was saying something about sex with boys, girls, young or old is all good like he was trying to convince me nothing was wrong with sex with young kids with older women and men. I don’t recall what all they programmed just the beginning of it and the rest is a blur.

This continued for what seemed like an hour or more but during one of my court trials Bush claimed I popped within 15 minutes.

When being tortured to this extreme 15 minutes can feel like and hour.

The (popping) is what happens when the brain is unable to deal with the pain it makes a physical change and when this occurs you feel and hear a popping sound in your head.

I am no expert on how it works but I do recall some medical professional explaining it during my court trial saying the brain can physically alter itself to stop pain receptors in some people.

This popping noise is that the victims hear and feel in their head.

It is at this point the Alternates are created.

These Alternates are given names and have completely different personalities from the person being programmed.

The drugs they use (Endocrine Chemicals) allow the programmer to feed information into the subconscious and when the drug wares off the victim will have no memory of what took place or a very vague memory of something but usually will relate it to a dream or nightmare they had and not reality.

Comment: Mind Control is essentially a Rockefeller Zionist project and done on military bases in conjunction with the CIA primarily. The Zionists call themselves ‘Jews’ but are the Synagogue of Satan and mind control is a Satanic project.

Fritz Springmeier has heavily researched Mind Control and his pdf books are readily available for free on the internet.

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