Bad News Boris-Passionate Zionist aka Anti-Humanity!

Why the US and Russia should fear Boris Johnson and his unseen mastersBoris Johnson’s idol is Winston Churchill, the man who, in 1938 betrayed both the British people and the whole of Europe by presenting to Parliament ‘sexed up’ information pertaining to the supposed strength of the German air force.  Of course, the information greatly overstated the actual German strength in order to support Churchill’s rhetoric that Germany was preparing to wage a war of aggression. Nothing of the sort was actually taking place, Churchill had been paid 50,000 pounds by the Czech Government via a secret group he was a member of called ‘The Focus’ and tasked with sewing fear of Hitler’s Germany and pushing Europe towards war.

At the same time, the Czechs were busying themselves committing acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the large Germanic population of the Sudetenland region, which is the reason why British PM Neville Chamberlain allowed Hitler to annexe the Sudetenland as part of the Munich Agreement. Chamberlain admired Hitler and intended to implement similar financial policies in Britain to those which Hitler had used to lift Germany off it’s knees and turn it into a world power in just a few years.

While Chamberlain managed to avert war in 1938 by allowing Hitler to annexe the Sudetenland and thus rescue 150,000 Germans, the same ploy was a year later successfully applied in the border region of Poland – the Poles committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Germanic population, thus causing Hitler to invade in order to save those Germans.

Most German people know about the genocide in the Sudetenland, a sympathetic British Prime Minister turned on the monstrous Czechs and was consigned to the trash heap of fabricated history, forever remembered as the man who facilitated Hitler and WW2. However, Germans are not allowed to ever speak of these things, with the gas chambers hanging around their necks and when scholars come to them with proof there were no gas chambers, that same bloody hand that gave us WW2 and more recently, the War On Terror, threw men like Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel and David Irving into prison.

Does this explain why history is now called ‘revisionism’? Does the Khazarian Mafia think it has kidnapped history for all time? Are we also explaining why we brave scorn in giving a voice to Holocaust deniers?

In America, that bloody hand swept clean the universities of anyone that stands against the Neocon ‘Zionist?’ fictional historical narrative of who did 9-11 or why no WMDs were ever found in Saddam’s Iraq is quickly crushed. Look at the current election in America – Trump talks about Iranian nuclear weapons that don’t exist and Hillary talks about a Russian threat that is fabricated from thin air; voters are fighting each other to the death, not over their favourite candidates but which lies they prefer.

We begin:

Boris Johnson may play the lovable upper-class nitwit, but he is no fool, rather, he is a skillful exponent of the dark arts of lying, deceiving and misleading. Last week he made the bile rise in my throat with his unfounded allegations that Russia was committing ‘war crimes’ in Syria and his absolutely crazy support for a ‘no fly zone’ that he glibly stated would mean having shoot down Russian planes. By pushing this agenda to support the Syrian ‘opposition’ and get rid of the Assad government, Johnson is simply following the agenda of his Israeli puppetmasters.

This week Johnson has taken the level of deception to a new level by repeating and endorsing the plainly false narrative that there is a legitimate Syrian opposition and that it is right and proper for the UK and the West to support this opposition militarily. Of course, this would mean crossing the ‘red line’ set by Russia in response to the belligerence of the rhetoric being spewed by the US and it’s Western allies; a red line that is backed by Pantsir-S, S-300 and S-400 air defence systems, all state of the art, all highly deadly to Western aircraft and all crewed by Russian servicemen.

Everyone knows that any and all air defences found with the Syrian Arab Army are Russian, everyone also knows that the long-existing plans for implementing a no-fly zone involve killing the radars – the Russian-manned radars , that would negate any unilaterally imposed Western no-fly zone.

Everyone knows, or rather, everyone that pays attention now knows, the West is in mortal fear of not just the loss of Aleppo, but of the loss of Al-Qaeda. Let’s be clear again, Al-Nusra and Al-Sham are Al-Qaeda and are primary assets of the CIA; anyone who claims they don’t know that or who disagrees with this statement is now operating in the realm of fantasy.

Let’s take this a very unpleasant step further – everyone knows that, as China finds the South China Sea vital to it’s national security, Russia finds the Eastern Mediterranean vital to it’s national security as well, by vital we mean justifying in whatever terminology those two nations use, the use of both ‘red lines’ and clear and present danger.

Everyone also knows that when you say ‘clear and present danger’ you are also saying ‘thermonuclear response’. Boris Johnson knows that if a British plane kills a Russian radar crew inside Syria, wherever that plane came from will hit 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit in a tenth of a second.

Here’s our other point, does Russia really fail to understand that Israel is taking Putin down, that every one of these ring-kissing trips to Moscow is a farce? Does Putin really not understand that the highly organised and extremely well financed mafia opposition in Russia is Zionist, is Neocon, is CIA, is Booz Allen Hamilton, is Google Idea Groups, is the thugs in Georgia, is the CIA terrorists in Chechnya, the Nazi fanatics in Poland and the City of London, where Boris Johnson’s controllers sit? This may be the most important question anyone could ask right now as we genuinely face the spectre of World War Three. 

Johnson is hardly unique in his slavish adherence to the Zionist agenda, as pointed out above, Trump is obviously under their control, but now millions of Americans openly express fear that Hillary Clinton may well be controlled too. Two years ago the idea of Israeli influence being seen as a threat to American security and even world peace would have gotten any journalist an ADL feature page along with Gordon Duff and Kevin Barrett. Also note that Nazi sites, long suspected of being under Zionist/Israeli control regularly bash both Duff and Barrett, generally for exposing closet Israeli-controlled politicians, like we are doing right here, worse still, as with Duff and Barrett we are also making our case for why an Israeli-controlled politician (and anyone who doubts that about Boris Johnson is insane) is a threat to peace in our world.

If you want to know why we do this, note that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov with each passing day sounds more and more like the VT articles that are put on his desk. Where would Trump be now if he had taken VT’s offer of guidance – the world would be saying Hillary who? Instead he let the Breitbart and Infowars gang drive him over a cliff. Then again, Hillary never contacted us in the first place. No-one ever saw a word in VT that supported her foreign policy initiatives.

Ian and G]

West Considering Fresh Military Options against Syria Govt: Britain

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says the West is considering broader military operations against the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to protect what he called “the Syrian opposition.”

Johnson made the comments as he discussed the current situation in Syria with the foreign affairs select committee at the British House of Commons on Wednesday.

The secretary told the lawmakers that US, French and German foreign ministers would gather in London on Sunday to discuss Syria’s military operations in the Aleppo province.

“Most people I think are changing their minds on this and are thinking we cannot let this go on forever. We cannot just see Aleppo pulverized in this way, we have to do something. The mood of the House of Commons has changed from 2013.
Whether that means we can get a coalition for a more kinetic action now I cannot prophesy. But what most people want to see now is a new set of options,” Johnson said.

“It is vital we consider them and we will do that now,” he added.

Backed by Russian air support, Syrian government forces launched an assault on Aleppo last month to capture the entire militant-held city, days after a US- and Russian-brokered truce collapsed on September 19.

Syria’s victories in Aleppo have prompted concerns among Western governments who actively seek to remove Assad from power by backing what they call “moderate rebels.”

Johnson said in his remarks on Wednesday that the foreign-backed militants should not get their “hopes up too high.”

He also blasted the House of Commons for voting against military action in 2013, calling the move a “big step backwards” that allowed Russia to “occupy” the space “we vacated.”

According to the foreign secretary, the West was also mulling tougher economic sanctions against people close to the Assad government.

Johnson also raised the possibility that due to the constant failure of the 25-nation International Syria Support Group (ISSG) to end the years-long conflict in Syria, the West might consider working in a smaller group in future.

UK is part of a US-led coalition that has been carrying out airstrikes against alleged ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq since 2014, without a UN mandate or permission from Damascus.

The airstrikes have on many occasions targeted civilians and government forces, raising suspicions about the West’s true objectives.


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