Stopping the Drugs, Gun Running & Sex Slavery!

The Next Blow against Terror: Help Mexico Seal Its Border to Drugs, Arms, and Human TraffickingPosted on October 29, 2019President Donald Trump’s success in decapitating ISIS in Southwest Asia, followed from his bold decision to withdraw American troops from Syria and use international cooperation against drug-running, human-trafficking terrorists. He has here fought terrorism while helping stabilize Syria, rather than breaking up national governments and creating terrorism, as previous Presidents did. Now for a clear and obviously necessary next step: Cooperate with Mexico to defeat the drug- and gun-running and human-trafficking terrorists threatening to take over that country. The opening is already created.READ MORE

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  1. November 10, 2020

    […] Stopping the Drugs, Gun Running & Sex Slavery!OCTOBER 29, 2019 […]

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