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How They Do It– ‘Zionism’s Terrorist Heritage’

by TUT editor


Israel has a terrorism problem it’s unwilling to talk about. Hidden in plain sight

ed note–once again, all the usual suspects will doubtless lose their collective mind over this ‘good Jew’ acknowledging the patently and historically-proven obvious, i.e. that indeed Israel has been the author of unspeakable levels of terrorism and violence. But what he will not do is to take that next logical step which is to draw the logical and unassailable link between the roots of that violence as commanded and condoned within the pages of the Torah with what is/has been/always will be taking place, and in the process of assiduously avoiding said discussion, will prevent any kind of rational understanding of the nature of the problem as well as any attending rational solution.

It is very simple math–Judaism kills, because it is in its intrinsic and organic nature to do so. It cannot be made harmless or benign, nor can it be caged up as it was for 2,000 years. It must be understood and diagnosed for the dangerous mental illness that it is no different than are terminal illnesses such as rabies, cancer, or leprosy. It has never been a salutary, life-sustaining presence on earth or in human history, for everywhere it has gone, from ancient Egypt to ancient Canaan to ancient Persia to modern day Palestine, Hollywood, Wall Street, et al, it has brought with it all the toxicity and radioactive effects that any radioactive substance must bring.

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Israel, listen and learn from American Jews and you’ll quickly fall out of love with Trump too

by TUT editor

ed note–Trump’s ‘charm offensive’ with Israel through his various gestures–Jew-rusalem, the Iran deal, etc–are going to mean absolutely nothing when it comes time for him to begin his push for the ‘peace deal’ he envisions, at which point whatever superficial support he may enjoy in Israel will evaporate in a New York minute as he is then re-cast as an ‘appeaser’ to ‘Islamic terrorism’ who is being stage-managed by his ‘Kapo’ son in law.

Wait for it, watch for it, because it is coming.

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Israeli-US teen convicted of Judeo cyber-terrorism

by TUT editor


‘He’s a poor boy, not a criminal…His special problems need to be understood.’–Sperm donor (father) of the Judaic terrorist Read more of this post

This moment will go down in history: the US has given up on the overthrow of Assad in Syria

by TUT editor

When Washington ‘understands the difficult conditions’ its militia allies are facing and says it ‘advises’ the Russians and Syrians not to violate a ceasefire – which was Moscow’s idea in the first place – you know that the Americans are pulling the carpet from beneath another set of allies

ed note–so much for all the ‘exs-purts’ claiming with dogmatic certainty that Trump was there to start WWIII for the benefit of Judea Inc, and who had road sign after road sign after road sign telling them the opposite but which they refused to consider due to the confining borders and requirements of their own brand of identity politics.


It will be called ‘the great betrayal’, and it was a long time coming. But the grim message from Washington to the anti-Assad fighters of southern Syria – that they could expect no help from the West in their further struggle against Assad’s regime or the Russians – will one day figure in the history books. It’s a turning point in the Syria war, a shameful betrayal if you happen to belong to the wreckage of the “Free Syrian Army” and its acolytes around the city of Deraa, and a further victory for the Assad regime in its ambition to retake all of rebel Syria.

Already Russian missiles and Syrian bombs are embracing the countryside south and east of Deraa and outside Quneitra and Sweida after the opposition fighters refused a negotiated peace last week. Refugees are again fleeing the towns. But the words of the American message to the fighters, seen by Reuters and so far not denied by the US, are both bleak and hopeless: “You should not base your decisions on the assumption or expectation of a military intervention by us … We in the United States government understand the difficult conditions you are facing and still advise the Russians and the Syrian regime not to undertake a military measure that violates the [de-escalation] zone.”

When Washington “understands the difficult conditions” its militia allies are facing and says it “advises” the Russians and Syrians not to violate a ceasefire – which was Moscow’s idea in the first place – you know that the Americans are pulling the carpet from beneath another set of allies.

But the US also realises that its millions of dollars worth of training and weapons have been passed on to al-Nusra – aka al-Qaeda of 9/11 infamy – and that the Nusra front holds villages and positions within the area outside Deraa nominally held by those well-known “moderates” of the FSA (whose mythical strength, you may remember, was once put at 70,000 by one David Cameron).

Neither the Hezbollah nor the comparatively fewer Iranian Revolutionary Guards appear to be involved in the battle for southern Syria; and be assured that the Americans and the Russians – and thus the Syrian government – have agreed that this should be a Russo-Syrian offensive. Both Vladimir Putin and whoever thinks they speak for Donald Trump will have assured the Israelis that this will be an internal battle and will not endanger the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights. The so-called Military Operations Centre in Amman – its acronym “MOC” almost sums up its ambitions – is supposed to arm and finance the group of militias still fighting in north of the Jordanian border. But no more, it seems.

The Israelis have hitherto attacked Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria – but never the cult-Islamist ISIS executioners nor Nusra/al-Qaeda. US policy, despairing of ever “collapsing” Assad, now appears to have given up on the armed opposition to the Damascus government, presumably advising Israel that a return to the status quo on Golan which existed before the Syrian war – where Israeli and Syrian forces were separated by a UN buffer zone – is preferable to risking a shootout with Iran or, indeed, with the Syrian army.

The MOC, according to a former opposition fighter in Damascus, chose to control all rebel activities – in theory, the “FSA” – and specifically refused help four years ago when fighters in the capital sought mortars and artillery to assault the presidential palace. The MOC officers – a British major and a Saudi officer, according to the source – offered only a resupply of small arms. But this was only a warning of things to come. The Kurds have since learned what this means in the north of Syria.

They, of course, have twice supped from the vile chalice of betrayal. Kissinger served it up to them when he made peace between Saddam Hussein and the Shah of Iran in 1975, cutting off a $16m (£12m) CIA operation to help the Kurds assault the Iraqi dictator. Then the Americans watched Saddam destroy the Kurds in 1991 after telling them to rise up against the Baghdad regime following the liberation of Kuwait.

Syria fears that the Israelis will now create their own “buffer zone” below Golan, similar in style, weaponry and ruthlessness to Israel’s former occupation zone in southern Lebanon. This lasted for 22 years, but fell to pieces when Israel’s local Lebanese militia, the South Lebanon Army – as inefficient, untrustworthy and occasionally as fictitious as the “Free Syrian Army” – retreated along with the Israelis in 2000.

Across the map of Syria, however, it is the West’s power which now appears to be in retreat. If it is prepared to turn its back on its erstwhile allies in southern Syria and in the north, then Russia is the winner (as well as Assad) and all the eggshell militias which remain – in Idlib, along the Turkish border and certainly in the south, are doomed. The instruction from the US to its allies outside Deraa – “surrender” might sum it up best – may be presented as a small victory: Washington can claim to have kept Iran away from Israel. But it will also mean that America and Nato have given up on the overthrow of the Assad family.

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