Tony Blair best known for being an evil war criminal piece of shit was at Davos ranting about how they need to track everybody’s vaccination status. He wants a global database to track all people to make sure that they’ve gotten their deadly mRNA shots.


I’d like to know why people like him are allowed to walk free and make these ridiculous pronouncements. He helped kill a million Iraqis for no reason. I’m not the only one who feels this way.





Blair’s comments basically reinforce what I said months ago about how they’re going to try and leverage the COVID-19 hoax as an excuse to institute whatever population controls they can. They obviously haven’t given up on the idea of vaccine passports and still want to implement them. The problem for them is that they don’t seem to have the people or the infrastructure to actually pull off something as deranged and dystopic as they are hoping for.

The existing systems in the West are crumbling, yet people like Blair think they can implement more complicated systems to control populations. It is a pipe dream but they’re too stupid to understand how impractical their evil visions are.