Al Gore was at the World Economic Forum ranting like a lunatic. He claimed that the oceans were boiling and mentioned something about 600,000 Hiroshima bombs. Nothing he said made sense. It was just incoherent ramblings from a very unwell old man.


Here’s some further commentary about Gore’s ridiculous comments. Ridiculous comments are of course nothing new for Gore. He has made a career out of pushing over the top climate hysteria.






Gore said we have to act because of these alleged boiling oceans. By acting, I’m assuming he means doing everything that every jackass faggot at the World Economic Forum wants. Namely instituting all sorts of draconian and evil population controls to solve this totally fake problem.

It’s really unbelievable that people like Gore are taken seriously at all. It’s obvious how full of shit he is if you just look at his track record. Nothing he has predicted has ever come to pass. He should be put in a mental institution and never let out for the safety of himself and those around him.