Bill Gates Fraudulent Employee: Dr. Fauci Knows the Gig is UP! (Excuse Me Checking Out the Length of Fauci’s Nose)

Fauci Says Coronavirus Won’t Be a Pandemic a lot Longer

By infostormer -November 12, 20201

Anthony Fauci the primary figure in the United States who has pushed this lunatic virus hoax is now saying that the pandemic won’t be around much longer.

Yeah, so he says this right after the election as we get news that coronavirus vaccines are getting rolled out.

This was never a crisis to begin with. The coronavirus is literally no more deadly than the flu and there really is no need to vaccinate people for a virus that has such a high survivability rate. Anybody who looks at how the situation was handled in Sweden can see what a hoax this has been.

But this clown was out there pushing charts claiming millions were going to die for all sorts of nefarious reasons.

Fauci couldn’t care less about your health. His primary interests have revolved around getting rid of Donald Trump and pushing unnecessary vaccines on the population. He is a lying piece of shit and he when he dies he will be in hell.

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