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Escalated War with Russia Provides Nazi Cover for Man-Made Energy Collapse and Blow Out of Global System

Michael Steger

Europe Today! “The Tower of Babel” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Democracies are inherently flawed, and if you don’t believe me, watch what happens to Europe in this fall. Their governments will soon fail, as politician after politician, one after another, falls on the sword of climate change ideology, Ukraine, and democracy; all while the oligarchical EU dictatorship continues its depopulation “lebensraum” agenda.

For important background, Read Brian Lantz’ new post:

Lessons from Europe: What Is at Stake November 8

Our founders knew that the idea of Democracy is premised on a cult-like belief in popular opinion, which merely provides cover for hidden oligarchical interests. Lyndon LaRouche had one clear view of popular opinion—it is always wrong, and deadly so—especially, at the juncture of a real physical crisis. This is why we have a Republic, which requires consent from the governed, but is premised on the courage to lead, based on the truth.

It is time we act upon the truth. This means we end this Nazi-like war on Russia, and expand all energy supplies, emphasizing all types of coal, oil, gas, nuclear, and hydro, and on a global basis in concert with all nations. The U.S. must become the leader of a new system based on growth and massive expansion of energy production and advancement.

This is how we will sweep the midterms and, more importantly, secure the human race.

See you tonight to discuss this and more.

Michael Steger

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