Archbishop Vigano Warns of New World Order Tyranny

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano calls for alliance against world tyranny

Comment:  The New World Order will be run by Hard Core Satanists.  They will exploit the SLAVE masses.  It is being implemented by Corrupted Politicians Passing laws Only benefiting the Secret Society Wealthy Criminals.  Pedophilia & Animal/Human Sacrifice will be legal.  We will live in a Hunger Games Society SLAVERY.  RESIST the NWO.  Call Congress & Demand No More WARS For These Criminals.  Bank at Small Community Banks.  Get the Federal Reserve Banks out of your lives:  Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, etc.  Eat Organic as you can.  Don’t Support ZIONIST politicians, ISRAEL , or ZIONISM which is British Monarchyism.  Support Sovereign Nationalism, Closed Borders, Family Values.  TURN OFF THE TV!!!  Do some research.  Always have an open mind about the other point of view.  e.g. What is Russia’s point of view or China’s point of view?

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