The head of the BRICS organization just said that Russia and India no longer need the US Dollar.


Russia and India don’t need the US dollar in trade, having turned to national currencies to conduct mutual settlements, BRICS International Forum President Purnima Anand told reporters on Thursday.

“We have implemented the mechanism of mutual settlements in rubles and rupees, and there is no need for our countries to use the dollar in mutual settlements. And today a similar mechanism of mutual settlements in rubles and yuan is being developed by China,” she said.

“That means that the BRICS countries are opening up to Russia, offering the opportunity for the country to overcome the consequences of sanctions,” Anand added, as quoted by RIA news agency.

The BRICS president said mutual trade between India and Russia had grown fivefold over the past 40 years. Moscow supplies a rapidly growing volume of oil to India, and in return gets large quantities of agricultural products, textiles, medicines and other products.

Anand also noted that New Delhi considers itself a neutral party in the current sanctions war between the West and Russia, and despite sanctions pressure, will continue cooperation with Moscow “in any areas where necessary.”

This is very bad news for the future of the US Dollar. The main reason why the US Dollar was able to maintain itself as the world’s reserve currency was because countries needed the currency to trade for things like oil.

We now see that major countries are disconnecting themselves from the US Dollar and setting up new systems because the morons in Washington DC decided to weaponize the currency against Russia. Countries across the world have realized that if they can do this to Russia, that they can do it to anybody else. So what the ZOGtards did was just accelerate a move away from the currency that allowed them to project power.

It will be interesting to see what happens once China gets their systems up and running. That’s going to be a very big deal and quite problematic for the US Dollar on the world stage.

U.S. Needs to JOIN the BRICs!!!!!

Comment:  The BRICs strategy was Lyndon LaRouche’s idea and part of the reason he was SO PERSECUTED while alive.  The BRICs is a strategy to overcome the Satanic British Empire which created Israel (Rothschild’s creation) and which United States Fights wars for.

The U.S. is not a free country; it is a colonized country controlled by the British Empire.  The reason Bill Gates was knighted by the Queen of England and Angelina Jolie was Given Dame award is because they serve a foreign country and are traitors to the United States.  They are both Secret Society Satanists and if Americans knew the reality about these two they would be LYNCHED!  Both are pro slavery and actually USE SLAVES!  The slaves they Use are Raped, Tortured & Beaten into Obedience.  Our Politicians and Celebs are OWNED by the Mafia which are Child Traffickers who OWN the Media.



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This report serves as an outline for what is, perhaps, the best opportunity the United States has been given in decades to regain its founding identity, by joining the new international order being created at this moment by a group of leading nations to move civilization forward into a new paradigm for mankind. The planet is truly at an existential crossroads, and without a dramatic change of policy from within the United States, away from the last fourteen years of the Bush/Obama presidencies typified by Wall Street bailouts and interventionist, Cold War-style warfare, the world could very well erupt into a Third World War.

Outlined here is a mapping of the new paradigm emerging around the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa), how the United States can join this revolutionary new dynamic, the intellectual and political leadership provided by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche over the last forty years to make this vision a reality, and an epistomological overview of where mankind, as a species, is headed were this new paradigm to envelop the entire planet.