COP26 Conference Fails to Impose Banksters’ Genocide on the World-BRAVO!!

Ron Wieczorek

NovgembtSheir h13 lat 2:64r1 0PMd85h  · COP26 CONFERENCE FAILS TO IMPOSE BANKERS’ GENOCIDE ON THE WORLD. The final agreement calls for “escalating efforts to phase down unabated coal power and phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies. . .” That is such an ambiguous statement, with no mandate, no guidelines and no timeframe that is it virtually meaningless. “Phase down unabated coal power” could be translated as, “use coal power at current levels or increased levels, while planning to replace it in 30 or 50 years with nuclear and fusion power.” “Phase out inefficient . . .subsidies” could be translated as, “bring in more efficient subsidies.” The purely evil intentions of COP26 are evident in what was NOT discussed. There was no discussion of how to increase the life standard of the entire world population up to that of the advanced sector. There was no discussion of how to ensure that every African child has an equivalent amount of energy available to them as exists in the advanced sector. The indications are that Russia, China, India and the entire third world all plan on increasing fossil fuel production and consumption for the near future, for increasing life standards and eternal economic growth. Meanwhile, the US is not going to phase out fossil fuels with no viable replacement available. It is well known that so-called “renewables” are a sick joke that could never possibly work. The world cannot sustain what will soon be 10 billion people, never mind 20 or 30 billion on renewables. China will continue to lead the world in pulling hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, which requires higher energy per capita. That will require a MASSIVE increase of fossil fuel use globally, until it is graducally replaced by mass-produced nuclear power plants, and eventually fusion power plants. China is doing what the USA formerly did, and should return to doing–which is helping lift countries up instead of bombing them back to the stone age and starving their children to death.


Retreat from the Brink? Biden-Xi; Merkel Lukashenko; Macron-Putin

Nov. 16, 2021 (EIRNS)—As the British Empire licks its wounds over the failure of COP26, as Prince Charles and the Western banking elite failed to force the developing nations of the world to commit suicide by shutting down their fossil fuels, several leaders of the Western powers today took the most unusual—and most welcome—step of trying to pull back from the brink of military confrontation with Russia and China.

U.S. President Joe Biden spent three and a half hours, until after midnight in Washington, in a virtual face-to-face discussion with President Xi Jinping, potentially pulling back from the saber rattling over Taiwan and collaborating in facing the world health crisis.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spent nearly an hour speaking with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, undermining the war party’s campaign to impose a color revolution against the Belarus President and provoking military action on the Poland-Belarus border.

French President Emmanuel Macron spent one and three-quarter hours on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressing the migrant issue on the Belarus-Poland border, but also other hotspots, including Ukraine and Libya.

In all three cases, the war party was not pleased, as we document below.

It is not a coincidence that these quite sane diplomatic initiatives take place at this time. The failure of the climate-disaster hoax in Glasgow was followed by an historic Schiller Institute conference on Nov. 13-14, which addressed real solutions to the existential crisis facing mankind today, with leading speakers from around the world demonstrating that: 1) the strategic confrontation pitting the U.S. against Russia and China is both insane and avoidable; 2) the hyperinflationary explosion now underway is intentional, but can be resolved with LaRouche’s Four Laws and a New Bretton Woods conference; 3) the notion that carbon causes global warming, justifying the destruction of productive economies worldwide while ignoring mass starvation in places such as Afghanistan and Haiti, is a conscious lie; and 4) the cultural disintegration into a new Dark Age of drugs, sexual perversity, and glorified violence can, and must be, reversed through a global renaissance, drawing on the greatest periods of every nation’s cultural heritage.

President Biden assured President Xi that the U.S. does not want a Cold War, will honor America’s commitment to One China, and intends to maintain regular contact between “old friends.” President Xi, while appreciating such a retreat from the war provocations and economic sabotage of the past four years—including from the Biden Cabinet—hoped there would be “concrete actions” to back up the words. “The right thing to do is to choose mutual benefit over zero-sum games or the I-win-you-lose approach,” said the Chinese President. Global Times reported that Biden made three promises: that the U.S. would not seek to change the Chinese system; that the U.S. revitalization of alliances would not be aimed at China; and that there would be no intentional clash with China.

Taking a long view of history, as Lyndon LaRouche insisted throughout his life, Xi said: “The most important event in international relations in the coming 50 years will be for China and the U.S. to find the right way to get along. History is a fair judge.” He called for the U.S. and China to work together, especially in addressing the global health emergency.

But the international crisis has not been resolved. The danger of global war is greater than at any time since World War II. The financial breakdown is accelerating. The COVID-19 pandemic has doubled over the past two weeks, not abated. The drug scourge has doubled over the past decade, while mindless politicians across the U.S. continue legalizing the poison which is destroying their children.

Yet the introduction of beauty through Classical music, which opened each of the four panels of the Schiller Institute Nov. 13-14 conference, is the language of the creative spirit which unites all mankind. The Schiller Institute is increasingly seen around the world as the platform for the “heavy” ideas and the universal search for truth and beauty, both in scientific investigation and in artistic expression, which can lead mankind out of this crisis to a new paradigm of a truly human civilization. If you have not already, take the time now to watch the conference, and become a member of the Schiller Institute.

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