Genocide By the British Empire Using U.S. Military

Their children vanished at an Indigenous boarding school. This tribe is bringing them home after 140 years – CNN

Comment: What about giving these people their land back huh? Oh, no mention of this. Our gov’t is fake, hypocritical, murdering and promotes Satanic Agendas. The Truth is they don’t really care about us any more than they cared about these Native Americans. Our Gov’t is run by a very evil criminal syndicate aka Satanic Khazarian/ZIONIST mafia aka British Empire or Anglo-Dutch Empire a Dope running, War mongering genocidal group of Criminals and their minions of which our fake media is one of their criminals. Our criminals are totally racist too. They hate natives, blacks, Asians, Whites, and anyone non-Judaic. We are all just GOYIM to them. Killing and torturing GOYIM is a HOBBY. They LOVE humiliation!

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