What Happens When pro-Trump Christians Weaponize the Bible

by TUT editor

U.S. ‘pro-Israel’ evangelicals who declare the president enacted God’s will by moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem may want to consider the terrible historical cost of a selective and literalist use of the Bible

ed note–No disrespect intended Fr. James, but the fact is that ‘pro-Trump Christians’ are NOT the ones who ‘Weaponized the Bible’, anymore than the crowds at the Roman coliseum gave teeth and claws to the lions who were eating Christians for sport.

The bible is what it is, and as pertains to this discussion, all the war, bloodshed, land-theft, usury, mass murder, sex slavery and all the other bad behaviors that have been the calling card of La Kosher Nostra now for thousands of years have been there in black and white for mankind to study, analyze and diagnose for thousands of years. Protestant, evangelical ‘pro-Trump’ Christians did not put those things in there and certainly did not ‘weaponize’ them, as they were already instruments of violence and criminality.

If indeed someone needs to be called out and rendered guilty for all of this, it is those who decided early on that the new-found faith in Jesus Christ and the scripture with which this new faith would be associated needed to include the ‘weaponized’ Old Testament (Torah) that today is the recipe book for Jewish violence against Palestinians (and others) as well as the evangelical Christian support of all of this.

After all, as we were all warned by the Prince of Peace Himself– ‘No man can serve 2 masters, as he will inevitably love the one and hate the other and vice versa’, and if clearly there were proof that indeed Jesus’ warnings on this issue were/are correct, it is in today’s Christian evangelical support for the Jewish state and her people who are today bathing in the blood of innocent people as a result of the ‘weaponized’ teachings in the same Torah which Christians have no business embracing or accepting. Read more of this post

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My Comment:  Synagogue of Satan Runs America.  aka Zionism symbolized by the Satanic 6 points STAR.

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