Pardon Julian Assange President Trump!

Julian Assange and the War Against Journalism with Marjorie Cohn

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Today, Marjorie Cohn joins us from the Defend Assange legal team to talk about Wikileaks, Julian Assange and the unjust prosecution.

5:00 – Why the Obama administration didn’t prosecute Assange?

7:00 – Why is there a corporate media blackout?

12:00 – Questions with Podesta Emails and Wikileaks?

14:00 – Waiver of Death Penalty

19:00 – President Trump’s potential actions: Dismiss the indictment

22:40 – Effects on the National Security State

25:00 – Guantanamo Bay and Wikileaks

Resources:Assange DefenseMarjorie Cohn on “The Meaning of Assange’s Prosecution”Other Relevant EpisodesThe Chagos ConspiracyThe Pentagon PapersThe Truth about Guantanamo Bay whether or not You can Handle itPlease subscribe to our podcast. We depend upon paid subscribers like you:Subscribe nowYou’re on the free list for For the full experience, become a paying subscriber.Subscribe© 2020 Esha Unsubscribe
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