CIA Operated Child Sex Rings With Expendables MURDERED!

CIA Documents Reveal Years of Sex Abuse via Mind Control


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21 July 2017


Declassified documents reveal evidence of secret mind control programs carried out by the CIA. The CIA documents detail controversial mind control experiments that took place during top secret government-sponsored programs.

The papers show that through the use of drugs, hypnosis and electric shock, CIA operatives inflicted multiple personality disorder (MPD) on those participating in the experiments.

Manchurian Candidates

The CIA’s top-secret programs successfully produced ‘super spies’, known as Manchurian Candidates. These individuals were programmed to conduct terrorist acts, assassinations and sexual favors, without being consciously aware of what they were doing.

Comment: See Randal Turner MKUltra on this website and Links below.

Randy Turner (Randal Turner)

MKUltra’s Are Used as Elite Soldier/Assassins and Have No Veteran’s Administration

The classification of these mind control archive documents were made in response to a Freedom of Information Act request to the CIA. There is a total of 1,778 documents in the mind control archive.

Most of the documents date to the 1950s and 60s and were not released to the public for so-called ‘national security’ reasons.

What’s particularly worrying is the fact, as (1) Want To Know points out, the documents on sexual abuse are noticeably absent from the 20,000 pages of declassified CIA mind control documents.

Sexual Abuse Documents Missing

Despite the papers on sexual abuse being markedly hidden from the CIA’s declassified archive, reports have emerged about despicable acts carried out by the CIA.

One particularly disturbing case is highlighted in an (2) article by Jon Rappoport, about the CIA Experiments with Mind Control on Children.

The article describes how children were exploited for drug trafficking, sex, blackmail, [in human] hunting [parties as prey], snuff movies, and more.

According to Jon Rappoport, the “CIA’s mind-control apparatus has been well-known since 1975”. In this year, ten boxes of documents were released following Freedom of Information Act requests.

The scandal became known as MK-ULTRA. As (2) Top Secret Writers reported in 2015, MK-ULTRA is a program that involved the use of the LSD drug on unsuspecting military and civilians in the United States. The experiments involved LSD being given to the subjects under duress as a form of brainwashing and truth finding.

Use of Drugs on Victims

The objective of these awful experiments was to identify a drug that would either wipe a victim’s mind clean, reveal deep confessions, or program the victim as a ‘robot agent’.

Under bright lights and high on acid, the subjects would be interrogated as doctors took notes. The subjects were threatened that they would be given more ‘downer trips’ if they refused to confess to military secrets.

Several deaths and long-term disablement was a result of the atrocious experiments carried out by CIA personnel and U.S. military.

Comment: This is minimizing the actual deaths which were far more than “several.” I have had reports of mass graves in the SW desert full of skulls of children exposed-the woman who told me stated her boyfriend had a picture of this open grave. Randy Turner himself was buried alive with a group of other teenagers. Can’t prove it yet but I have reason to believe that there are mass graves of murdered children all over the United States and this has been established in Canada already.

However, as Rappoport says in his article:

“None of this prepared people for the explosive testimony made on March 15, 1995, in Washington, D.C., before the President’s Committee on Radiation.”

During the Committee, Valerie Wolf, a therapist from New Orleans, introduced two patients of hers, who had admitted to being involved in the CIA brainwashing programs. At the time of the brainwashing experiments, the patients had been children, one as young as seven.

Rappoport states that the brainwashing atrocities included torture, rape, powerful drugs, electroshock, death threats and hypnosis. The victims testified that the CIA had also induced them to a state of amnesia, in order to stop them from remembering the terrifying experiments.

Memories Were Not Under Hypnosis

According to Wolf and her patients, the victims had remembered the CIA brainwashing sessions by themselves, without having to go through hypnosis or regression techniques.

Jon Rappoport says he has access to many of the pages that were submitted to the Committee, many of which will “likely never be released as part of their [CIA] final report.”

From what Rappoport discovered, many children from America, South America and Mexico, were exploited over a 40-year period, beginning around 1948. During these four-decades, the child subjects were trained as sex agents, often tasked with blackmailing prominent American figures, including businessmen, politicians and educators.

According to Rappoport’s article, eventually some of the centres where children were forced to become sex agents got so out of control they became “CIA-operated sex rings.”
Some of the children were even considered expendable and consequently murdered.

What are your thoughts on the sickening brainwashing experiments carried out by the CIA in the 50s and 60s? We would love to hear our readers’ thoughts on the controversial MK-ULTRA program.

References & Image Credits:
(1) Want To know
(2) Top Secret Writers
(3) Cathy Fox
Originally published

Comment: The early demise of a Whistleblower below. Our Satanic Cabal Deep State owns all licensing Boards and has a fast acting cancer weapon they have developed in their secret labs.

Valerie B. Wolf, 1995
Valerie B. Wolf
“After about 9 months of therapy, she came to therapy one day with MKULTRA written with other words on a piece of paper.  From that point on, she began to work on the mind control issues and began to improve.  All of her memories have emerged spontaneously, without the use of memory enhancement techniques such as hypnosis or sodium amytal.  I had told her nothing about government and CIA research projects.” — Testifying about a client in 1995.


1948 – 2002

Valerie Wolf’s uncompromising devotion to her clients, profession and country led her in 1995 to publicly open one of the most shameful chapters in American history by presenting her findings to a Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments.  A clinical social worker practicing in New Orleans, Louisiana since 1973, Wolf unexpectedly discovered that two of her clients were independently recovering memories of childhood abuse and trauma that involved the use of radiation, electric shock, drugs, spinning tables, darkened rooms, hypnosis, and psychological conditioning — all part of mind control experiments conducted by doctors and scientists under contract with U.S. government agencies, including the CIA.Wolf’s findings eventually led to the realization that the government-sponsored mind control program was and may still be widespread. 

Initiated as a measure for creating spies during the Cold War period, the program had degenerated into the creation of a corps of young women [and men] who were sterilized by radiation, trained to deliver sexual gratification at the will of their handlers, and used to entrap government officials, university presidents and others who could influence funding for the continuance of the program.  Wolf’s findings have been validated by noted mind control experts such as Professor Alan Scheflin as well as other social workers in the field.On July 19, 2000, the Louisiana Board of Social Work Examiners revoked Wolf’s license on grounds that she practiced beyond her competence and exploited her clients for personal gain.Wolf developed cancer and died February 6, 2002 at the age of 54.  Her immediate family included her husband, Dr. Thomas M. Wolf, of the Department of Psychiatry, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, and a son, Mark.



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