Coronavirus Ticks EVERY Globalist Check Box

With each passing day, it looks more and more like the globalist’s paradise is taking shape perfectly.

Martial law is really starting to ramp up in major cities across the world and especially in the United States where the national guard has been deployed to Manhattan.

The latest data (ostensibly) shows 8,299 confirmed cases in New York State. And with the state running out of hospital beds and ventilators, Trump has sent in the military, which is now working on plans to take over hotels, college dormitories and sports arenas and turn them into ICU-like medical facilities.

So, as you can see, everything is falling in line for the globalists who’s greater plan checklist includes introducing martial law, what they call “smart cities” and lowering world population numbers.

So far, it looks like they’re ticking all the boxes with this particular crisis or at least are fomenting what will end up leading to this eventuality.

To hear more about my thoughts on how this will unfold in my walk and talk video.

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