The Windsors Are Descendants of Black Jews


January 8, 2020


By :The-Unhived:Mind @ 8th Jan 2020

This quick article was in response to a news article titled ‘Prince Harry, Meghan Markle step back From British Royal Family‘.

The so-called Royal Family are a bunch of mulattoes and quadroons meaning they themselves are a mongrelised species of the human race going back to Queen Charlotte the Portuguese mulatto tied to King George III. So you have a bunch of bastards which is the true word for a mixed species mongrel also known as a lowlife.  In the Christian Bible you’ll see the word ‘bastard’ and it truly means what I’ve just exposed.  It’s no different to the real meaning of the word ‘sin’ also in the Bible.  The word sin actually means imperfect DNA and has nothing to do with bad deeds pushed by the modern religious followers of falsities and Jewish games.

When you hear of the Royals being racist against blacks just remember they are all black, even the Duke of Edinburgh has he blood of the Jew. It takes at least ten generations to remove the black DNA from the bloodline through continual purity breeding. The Windsor’s also have the blood of the hybrid Rothschild bloodline since Queen Victoria and the two-hundred years contract on the breeding rights of the family. Harry has the blood of Diana Spencer and his father who’s James Hewitt and therefore he may have sound white blood unlike his bald-as-a-coot brother William with his horse features. So now they’ve damaged the offspring of Harry by mixing of the seed which always leads to a downturn in civilisation and society.  The ideal of mixing Markle with Harry was simply to yet again undermine the white specie and further promote the diluting of the true Israelite people which is the white specie not the history changing Jews.  When you hear all the talk about the Jewish exodus just laugh because the story is actually of the Chaldean exodus.  The Jews are now threatening Iran’s cultural sites through shabbos goyim Donald J. Trump and this is yet again an attempt to destroy true history in the Middle East so that the fake Jewish replacement history cannot be questioned.  I’ve highlighted how they’ve done this with their proxy ISIS destroying historical sites across the MidEast.  Now ask yourself why such a fundamentalist group would spend so much time destroying their own lands and people whilst never going after Israel?  They’ll supposedly go up against Europe and the US but not Israel when the occupied land is right next to them?  Think about it and quickly wake the hell up.

The mongrelization of the white specie has been introduced by the Jews for their white-genocide agenda whilst also removing the true Israelites which are the white specie of the house of Israel the man, Jacob.  Israel was never a land, only in the dreams of the Jews rewriting history and religious doctrines.  Once again the Jews steal history and make false claims believed by all its Communist slaves which today are most of the western world’s population. Jews themselves are mixed species!  Do you remember in America that there was a song called the ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’? Well even in 1850 they were subliminal programming the White human specie to its destruction making out it was okay for white men to desire a high-yellow which is a mongrel between a white man and a Mexican women. Please go and listen to the song and note that a yellow rose is a high-yellow lowlife. The religious folk are all Ziochristian fakes who interbreed with Jews (mixed half breeds hybrids) and aid the Jewish agenda destroying the white specie whilst some even go as far as to falsely claim that they’re for the blessed white specie. You cannot be doing two things at once!  Lets not forget about the priests and how they now marry difference human species.  These marriages go right against the true teachings of the Bible which forbids such actions. Why is it forbidden? When you mix the blood you damage the product and thus the nation and society just as we’re seeing today.

All you have to do is listen to Jewish Venetian Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and his ‘Practical Idealism’ then you’ll understand what’s happening today right in front of your very eyes. Why are all the Hellyweird movies and other entertainment crap (all run by Jews) promoting species mixing even placing it within TV commercials?  What you’ll also notice is programming of the white youth into looking up to African mindsets such as hip-hop music which is immoral and downright vile. It’s that dysfunctional today that you’ll see a British mulatto President (allowed as there’s no Constitution since July 1st 1875 as well as no nation only a corpse and this is why Nazi German Scherff ‘BushFRAUD 41’ became President) aka Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama the Muslim) and the House of Perci’s Clinton promoting hip-hop groups.  These same black rappers who’re openly speaking of rape, sex, violence live on stage right in front of these officials during their campaigns.

The Portuguese were a great people with a once powerful Empire until the Jews species-mixed them out. Never forget that Communism is Jewry and communism pushes equality which is used daily to bring about the destruction we see today. When did this all really kick off in the United States? When Jewish Franklin Roosevelt took power for four terms as a Democrat meaning the Communist Party of the USA. Who helped push this even further? A proven Jew known as Lyndon Johnson who replaced the great American patriot John F. Kennedy a rightfully so Jew-despising legend. Wake up people I’m giving you hard facts and not just partial like some so-called alternative media sources who won’t speak on the Jewish angle to all this and other problems since they’re tied to Jews and/or stuck in the Jewish division game.

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