“It’s All About ‘The Jewish War”

‘The Jewish War’ Outlines America’s Geopolitics Since JFK Was Murdered
Lest We Forget–While in Moscow, Putin Gives Netanyahu a copy of ‘The Jewish War’ by Josephusby TUT editored note–In all the dozen or so stories we read concerning the recent meeting between Putin and Netanyahu and Putin’s scoffing at Netanyahu’s warnings concerning Iran, we did not encounter ONE story detailing the fact that Putin gave Netanyahu this book, and all can rest assured that this was not by accident or happenstance, as organized Jewish interests understood immediately the significance of this and made sure to keep it out of the discussion.As we say here often, there is no underestimating the importance of this development. As is covered here on a regular basis, what the entire world is witnessing right now, although entirely unbeknownst to most, is a continuation of the war that took place 2,000 years ago between Rome and Judea, with modern day Israel representing the latter and its desire to undo the events that took place with the Roman general Titus’ destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.Josephus’ book ‘War of the Jews’ is considered the authoritative historical source for this event, detailing how the Jews–in the throes of their insane religious zealotry, destroyed themselves by engaging in the suicidal business of going to war against the Roman empire.And this was precisely the message Putin was trying to convey to Netanyahu by giving him a copy of this book, that the results will be the same today as they were yesterday if the Jews don’t flush the toilets in their heads, clear their thinking and start acting like sane human beings.continue reading

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