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‘US President Donald Trump and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met for the first time, expressing optimism about rebooting peace talks between Israel and the PA, facilitated by Trump, who didn’t mention the two-state solution Abbas seeks.

Trump began his remarks in the Oval Office on Wednesday by praising Abbas for his work on the “very important” 1993 agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians, called the Oslo I Accords, “which laid the foundation for peace.” Abbas was the signatory for the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and the agreement established the PA as a self-government body in 1994.

“I want to support you in being the Palestinian leader who signs his name to the final and most important peace agreement that brings safety, stability, prosperity to both peoples and to the region,” Trump said, adding that he’s committed to working with both sides to reach such an agreement, one that “cannot be imposed by the United States or by any other nation.”’

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