Must SEE & Hear: Jeff & Erica on the BioWeapon Vaxx Changes, Diseases, & Death

Jeff & Erica

BioWeapon – Spike Protein,
mRNA, Plasmids, Prions, Clots,
Strokes, Heart Attacks, Cancers
Everywhere – Global Genocide



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Communist O’Biden Multicultural Overthrow Of America
Paid For And Financed With US Tax Dollars – Rense Video

Horrific Israeli Starvation Of Over One Million Gaza
Palestinians – Another Hideous Crime – Rense Video

Disney The Woke Company…Pure Evil – Rense Video

A God-Given Right To Love Your Race – Tony Soprano
And Muhammed Ali Were 100% Correct – Rense Video

Example Of How Remarkably Different American
Children Used To Be Before The Schools Went
Woke And Cell Phone Brainwashing Ruled – Rense Video

Vermin Live Amongst Us And They Want The Children

The Black, Satanic, Unseen Hand Of
Central Banking – Rense Video

Junk EV Charging Nightmares Continue
Don’t Buy An Electric Vehicle! Rense Video

According To The Constitution, The O’Biden Regime Is
Guilty Of Highest Treason In Taking Down Our Borders
And Aiding And Abetting The INVASION And Occupation
Of America – Listen Very Carefully – Rense Video

HOW Did Tucker And Biden Wear The Exact Same
Necktie On The Day Of The Tucker-Putin Interview?

Jewish-Run Invasion Of The White Western Christian
World By Sewer Class Sub-Apes And Neanderthals – Rense Video

According To The Constitution The O’Biden Regime
Is Guilty Of High Treason In Taking Down Our Borders
– Rense Video

X Factor Singing Winner Exposes How Hidden Religion
Of World Freemasonry Controls Proud Satanist

Time To Shut Down Jewish AIPAC – Rense Video

Blinkin And Mayorkas – Jewish Supremacist Traitors
To The US Constitution – Rense Video

O’Biden DEI Pickaninny Press Sec Jean-Pierre Shows
Utter Disrespect To WH Press Reporter – Rense Video

US Continues Bombing Syria And Iraq – These Are
Completely UnConstitutional Attacks – Rense Video

Musk Grovels To Regain Favor With The Omnipotent,
Merciless Jewish Money Industry – Rense Video

Special, Enhanced 22 Minute Version…
Musk Grovels To Regain Favor With The Omnipotent
Merciless Jewish Money Industry – Rense Video

How Intl Zionists Destroy White Western Christian Nations
The Invasion By 50 IQ Blacks And Other Sewer Dwellers Is
Entirely A Zionist Operation – Rense Video – 1M Views

The Latest On The Jewish Tunnel Horror In NYC
And How The Evidence Was Quickly Covered Up
By Pumping In Concrete – Rense Video

The Fearless Israeli TikTok Diaper-Wearing Army
Without US Jets, Bombs, What’s Left? – Rense Video

Jews Have Been Expelled From Countries Cultures And
Nation Sates Over 1030 Times Over The Last 2000 Plus
Years – About Once Every Three Years On The Average
Why? – Rense Video – 5M Views

China’s Biggest Junk EV Maker, BYD, Says It Will
Soon Pass Tesla As Worlds Number 1 Junk EV
Maker And EVs Pile Up Unsold On Lots – Rense Video

Genetic Research Suggests 40% Of Ashkenazi Jews
Are Prone To Psychiatric Illnesses – Rense Video

How Jews Have Taken Control Of Most
Of The World – Rense Video

Lucas Gage – Outspoken Critic Of Jewish World Control
And The Dirty War Against Him & The First Amendment

Rockefeller, Gates Sr And The Global Depopulation
Genocide Created By Gene Tech – And The Banned
Dr. David Ayoub MD GAVI Depop Video – Rense Radio

More ‘Holocaust’ Fables – 92 Yr Old ’Survivor’ Claims
12 Inch Nail Was Pounded Into Her Skull And She Was
’Sterilized’ (But Admits To Later Giving Birth) – Reports
A Man Had Both ‘Arms Cut Off’ Be They Somehow ‘Grew
Back’ – Rense Video

Incompetent Israeli Tik Tok Army Continues To
Slaughter Palestinians – And Suffer Severe Losses
Untrained Thugs With Hi-Tech Weapons – Rense Video

Vivek The Fraud – Denies Jewish Genocide Of Gaza
He’s Just Another Zionist Dupe Showing How All Major
US Political Candidates Grovel To Zionism – Rense Video

How Zionists Bribe Threaten And Blackmail
Their Way To Total Control Of Politicians
And Nations – Rense Video

It’s All Being Destroyed And Annihilated By The
Same People – America Has Been Overthrown By
Only 2% Of The Population – Rense Video

Israel Has Exposed Itself As A Satanic, Merciless, Arrogant
Destroyer Of Human Life – Never Forget – Rense Video

A Gaza Tragedy – The US-Israeli Satanic Genocide
Of Humanity In Gaza – A Rense Video

Multiculturalism Is A Jewish Trojan Horse
Designed To Destroy Nations – Rense Video

Zionist Control Of Most Major US Power Centers
Journalism Is About FACTS And These Flyers
Present Nothing But 100% Factual Data
Time To Learn Who Your Controllers Are…

Parody Video Of The View With Harpy Hillary
This Is Shrewd Satire – Rense Video

Two Biden Body Doubles – Note Old Age
Disintegration Of Real Biden’s Chin

Chinese Communist Border Invaders – These Are PLA
Soldiers! See How They Stand In Military Posture With
Hands Behind Backs – Terror Hit Squads – Rense Video

How Zionists Bribe, Threaten And Blackmail Their Way
To Total Control Of Politicians And Nations – Rense Video

Israel War Minister’s Son Dies In Gaza Fighting There Are No Winners In War – Rense Video

How CA Doctors Are Threatened With Loss Of License
If They Don’t Obey Vax, Mask Covid ‘Rules’ – Rense Video

Rabbi Explains How Jewish Souls Are From A
Much Higher Plane Of Existence – Rense Video

The Mask Has Been Torn Off The Face Of Zion
One Man Speaks To Billions Who Won’t Dare Talk
Lucas Gage…A Message To Consider – Rense Video

The Murder Of Nurse Tiffany Dover – Rense Video

The Massive US-Israeli Slaughter Of Innocent Children
And Entire Families – US Bombs, US Jets, Jewish Pilots
Look Into The Faces Of The Dead – Rense Video

Japan Restaurant Waitresses Slap Customers In The
Face For About $5 – Even Japan Is Rotting – Rense Video

The Imploding American Civilization Is Spiralling
Out Of Control Into The Abyss – Rense Video

Jeff Rense & Mitchell Henderson – Zionism
Death Cult – 6 Minute Dynamite – Rense Video

The Christian German Third
Reich – Rare Photos

Expulsions – Jews Have Been Expelled 1,030 Times From
Countries, Cultures And Nation States – Rense Video

Here Is The Full List Of Jews Being Expelled
1030 Times…Almost Once Every Three Years

Arrogant, Classless Pickaninny Karine Jean-Pierre
Screw You, America – Rense Video

Prison City For 4 Million Chinese Under Construction
A Full Face Recon ’15 Minute City’ – Rense Video

Jeff Rense & Mitchell Henderson – Zionism
Death Cult – 6 Minute Dynamite – Rense Video

Is Trump A Zionist? Is Grass Green? Take A Look And Learn – Rense Video

Israel Slaughtered Its OWN People On Oct 7 – Watch
The Official Admissions – IAEA Must Inspect Dimona
Many Say Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Must Go – Rense Video

Rep James Traficant Heroically Tried To Warn
About The Zionist Jewish Threat To America
…Watch And Learn – Rense Video

Balfour Declaration And How Great Britain
Gave Palestine To The Jews – Rense Video

Zionist Israel Threatens Terror Attacks On US And
Western World With False Flags – Rense Video

Israeli News Anchor Threatens Israel Going To War
With The US And The World – Brags How Many The
Zionists Are Going To Kill And Destroy – Rense Video




Jeff & Erica

BioWeapon – Spike Protein,
mRNA, Plasmids, Prions, Clots,
Strokes, Heart Attacks, Cancers
Everywhere – Global Genocide

Jeff & Erica – More Insane Misinformation As ‘Name’
Covid Players Claim There Are No ‘Spike Proteins’

Dr. Philip McMillan With A Vascular Surgeon On
White Amyloid Clots In The Vaxed – Grim Photos

Jeff & Erica – Tsunami Of Bioweapon Injuries
Is Growing Many Victims Are Being Ignored
And Mocked

More Pets Being Injured By Shedding

Jeff & Erica – Great Tragedy Of The MSM Hiding
The Grief And Suffering Of The ‘Vax’ Injured

Jeff & Erica – Dr. William Makis On The Growing
Dangers Of Shedding – Self-Spreading Vaccines

While The CDC Was Urging Parents To Vaccinate
Their Kids Pfizer Was Studying How Badly Its MRNA
COVID Shots Damaged Children’s Hearts – They KNEW

University Finds Cognitive Function And Physical
Performance Of Youths Who Get The Covid Virus
Are Lowered – Thailand Medical News

Jeff & Erica – Why Are The UnInjected Developing
Hyper Smell Sensitivity – Some Ideas

MRNA Injuries And Death – Young Gymnasts Are Dying
Around The World – 12 Gymnasts Who Died Suddenly Or
Had Careers Ended – Do You SEE What’s Happening?

MORE Confirmation Of BioWeapon Injection
Gene Integration In Your Body’s Cellular DNA

Latest On US Blood Donation Rules
Vaxed And Unvaxed

CWD – Zombie Deer Prion Disease Is Spreading
Through America – It Is Transmissible – Think CJD

Jeff & Erica – Special Guest Lyndsey House RN
Forced To Take 3 Shots – Severely Vax Injured

As We’ve Told You For Over 3 YRS, Shedding Is Real
And FDA & Pfizer’s Own Documents Prove It

FDA Says Informed Consent Is NOT Necessary!

HORRIBLE – ‘Brain Death Is A Lie’ – Dr.Paul Byrne

‘Changed Suddenly’ – Unveiling The Unexpected
Personality Changes After COVID ‘Vax’ Injection

Jeff & Erica – Dr Luc Montagnier’s Final Warning
And Scientists Struggle To Understand Turbo Cancers

Survey Of Embalmers Shows How Many Are
Finding Rubbery Clots – ‘The Science’ Will Never
Cover Stories Which Threaten Big Pharma Sponsors

A Final Warning From
The Late Dr. Luc Montaignier

Jeff & Erica – The Stealth Surge Of Brain-Destroying
Prions – Special Guest Nurse Ann

Jeff & Erica – Airline Horror Stories – CJD Prion Cases
Skyrocketing – The Soaring Numbers Of Amyloid Clots

Dr. Makis On The Explosion Of Turbo Cancers

Jeff & Erica – Dr. Makis On Turbo Cancers And The
Accelerating CJD, ALS & Prion Attacks On The Brain

Jeff & Erica – Many Ways The BioWeapon Destroys
The Brain – UK Doctor On Surge Of ‘Vaxed’ Dying
Prions – 50 Yr Old Has The Brain Of An 83 Yr Old

Dr David Cartland – UK Horror Vax Injury Update

Jeff & Erica – Our 4th Anniversary – Thanking All Of Our
Listeners -Childhood Dementia Surges (Prion Brain
Disease) – Dr. David Martin On 5G Dangers – Lyme
Disease Parallels Covid Injuries- NO To NovaVax

Deadly Molecule In MRNA BioWeapons Causes Mad
Cow Style Prion Disease In The Brain – 100% Fatal

Dr David Martin – ‘The Great Setup’ – How And Who
Pulled Off The Covid Scamdemic And 5G – Video

Jeff & Erica – Beware Of ‘Big Names’ In Anti-Vax & Covid
BioWeapon Information – Vaxed ‘Sweat’ Staining Clothing

MRNA Vaccines Contain Prion Region, May Be (ARE)
Linked To Death Prion Diseases Like CJD And Mad Cow
(We Have Warned About This For Over Two Years)

Grim Photos Of BioWeapon Amyloid Clots

Jeff & Erica – Shedding Is Intensifying And More People
Are Reporting How It Is Harming Them

Jeff & Erica – As We’ve Said The Spike In The BioWeapon
And The Covid Virus Leads To Prion Brain Destruction

Jeff & Erica – More On The BioWeapon CJD Prion
Surge And Brain Impairment Turning People Into Zombies

Jeff & Erica – The Deadly CJD Prion Cascade
And Special Guest Nurse Anne

Jeff & Erica – The Problems With The Ebola Vax And The Dangers Of Covid-19 Reinfection

Jeff & Erica – Long Covid From Original BioWeapon Virus

Jeff & Erica – Dr. James Thorpe Echoes Our Warning
Shocking Aging Of Women ’20 Years In A Year’

Shocking Rise In Numbers Of Brain Cancers &
Mad Cow Disease (CJD) Since COVID Injections

Jeff & Erica – Dr. John Campbell Describes A New
100% Fatal Lab-Created Prion-Like Virus

Jeff & Erica – More BioWeapon ‘Vaccine’
Carnage And A ‘Turbo’ CJD Update

As We Have Warned Repeatedly, The BioWeapon
Spike Prion Protein Attack On The Human Brain May
Be The END – Dr. William Makis Also Sounds The Alarm
It’s Time To Think About Turbo CJD (TSE) In The Brain

Jeff & Erica – The Misinformation War And More
Stories From The Tragically BioWeapon Injured

Jeff & Erica – Atty Tom Renz On Shedding & Much More

Jeff & Erica – New Paper Proves Ribosomes In MRNA
Infected Cells Produce Spike And OTHER Proteins

Jeff & Erica – The Many Ways The BioWeapon ‘Vaccine’
Kills The Human Heart – Dr Philip MacMillan

Jeff & Erica – Dr. Arne Burkhardt Explains How The Spike
Protein Causes Death Using Our Immune System To Kill

The Great Pathologist Arne Burkhardt’s Final Interview And How He Showed How The Spike Incites The T-Lymphocytes To Destroy The Spike-Afflicted Cells

Jeff & Erica – Major Confirmation Of How Spike Injuries
To The Hippocampus And Brain Cause Mass Personality
Changes And Memory Loss – Video

Dr Michael Nehls Explains How The Spike Kill Your
Brain And Personality – Autobiographical Memory

Jeff & Erica – Where Do We Go From Here?

Jeff & Erica – Just Some Of The Ways
The Spike Can Stop The Heart Beating

Jeff & Erica – Shedding Injured Are Suffering Badly

The World’s Most Vital Covid Archive


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