Yehudi Arabia: Controlled by Rothschild Zionists & Zionist British Who Created Zionist Israel Who Have > $500 Trillion in Assets!

Yehudi Arabia And The Dog That Didn’t Bark

by TUT editor

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BY ISRAEL SHAMIR – The Dog that Didn’t Bark by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In that Sherlock Holmes story, a dog did not bark during the night when a race horse was removed from a stable, and that indicated that the thief was the dog’s master.

In the case of MBS, the media dog keeps silent. It means that its mighty mega-owner, whom I called The Masters of Discourse, allowed and authorised the racket. We witness a unique media event, bordering with revelation. How could it be that a prince of a third-league state would be allowed the licence to kidnap prime-ministers, kill princes by ground-to-air missiles, keep and torture great businessmen and dignitaries with impunity and the media would keep mum? CONTINUE READING

TUT editor | 12/07/2017 at 9:34 | Categories: Uncategorize

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