Dear Friends of Peace and Justice Around the World,

As many of you have heard, the Global Campaign Against US/NATO Military Bases has embarked on an ambitious plan to organize an international conference with the expressed purpose of building a global movement to close all U.S. and NATO bases world-wide.

This effort is not something that we have chosen but has been chosen for us by history and the dangerous threats for all of humanity by the reckless militarism and warmongering that is increasing becoming normalized policies of the powerful.

So, we will gather in Dublin, Ireland in November to unite the global peace movement in our common struggle for the demilitarization of our planet. But we are facing enormous challenges.

We have been trying to make the Dublin Conference a truly international one with the participation of people from the regions of the world whose voices are rarely heard. In order to make it possible for people from different countries with different languages to participate, we need to provide simultaneous translation for participants from around the world. This is a very expensive, but very necessary, support service (at the cost of $15,000).

In addition, insuring the participation in the conference of speakers from all corners of the globe, especially from Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, requires that we contribute to their expensive travel costs. We need to raise $10,000 for that support.

As you can see we are facing a daunting challenge. That is why we are appealing to you to help us cover these costs. We don’t have any big funders for the gathering, we are depending on the generosity of the international public to help us meet this challenge.

These are the ways you can help us make this Conference a success:

1. Please Make a Generous Donation:

2. Register and Participate in the ConferenceWe have set up a sliding scale fee to make registration affordable for everyone:

3. Place an Ad in the Conference Program Book: Let the world know that you are part of this historic effort by placing a solidarity message or an advertising in our Conference Program Book:

4. Make an Official Endorsement of the Conference: (includes one free registration). The name of your organization will be listed as one of the official endorsers of the Dublin Conference:

Thank you in advance for your continued generous support!

In Solidarity,

Global Campaign Against US/NATO Military Bases

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