Responding to Brainwashed ‘Goyim’ Anti-BRICS Comment

The Unhived Mind replies to a willing brainwashed goyim anti-BRICS comment

 By The Unhived Mind – 6th March 2018


Someone attacked me over the BRICS with a snidey comment

so although it worked for a while, it did not last… a bit like your greatly fantastic union of giant, like-minded gold-diggers.

so I replied with the following:

“The multi-polar BRICS is thriving and the New Silk Road is expanding by the day as the hope for peace and prosperity continues as the downfall of the backward degenerate West continues to rapidly descend to the bowels of hell. Whilst the West has shabbos goy false leaders and treasonous traitors like Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau and other degenerates, Russia and China have true real leadership that look after their NATIONS and PEOPLES and do not serve the interests of outside forces of Internationalists serving the seed of Cain. China has pulled more people out of poverty over the decade than anyone could ever imagine whilst developing more than anyone could imagine and all whilst the West spreads poverty through false debt (City of London and Wall Street) and of course de-industrialization (Club of Rome) and have lacking infrastructure coming close to the third-world (which the West kept backward). Whilst Russia promotes population increase and unity the West continues to promote Giammaria Ortes style population reduction (do you like being destroyed by eugenics minded traitors whilst continuing to attack the memories of Hitler for the same thing?) and division (allowing conquering of the slave populace). Russia has virtually no debt and has more gold than one can imagine as well as natural resources such as energy, precious metals, rare earth and more all whilst the degenerate United States and West are irreversibly bankrupt and in trillions of known debt and 1.8 quadrillion of derivative debt. The West and its unipolar backwardness is over and we’re now multipolar and the sooner the West accept their defeat and accept their slavery techniques are over then the better whilst many should be jailed for what they’ve done to humanity. I will not reply again as you’re a complete waste of my precious and very valuable time. If you like to live in a world in continual war and wars based on outright lies and deceit and all whilst you’re turned more and more into a debt slave with no employment or a future then feel free but I want a future for humanity and planet Earth. I will go with the right path and direction of Mother Russia with the win-win no-war development model following the Hamiltonian Principle (what made the original America great) with multipolar balance. The time of exceptionalism by cultural marxist brainwashed degenerates of the West is OVER. I never forget the past!  “   -The Unhived Mind 6th March 2018

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