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Pan Sexual Veterinarian Sentenced to 21 Years in Prison For Raping Dogs, Child Porn-Where’s PETA?

Veterinarian who pleaded guilty to child porn, bestiality sentenced to over 21 years BY 7 NEWS WSVNOCTOBER 8, 2021Share Video Prentiss Madden MIAMI (WSVN) – It was decision day for a South Florida veterinarian convicted...

The Victims in This Story Are Not Worthy of Pity Nor Are Those Who Torture Children in Monarch Mind Control & MKUltra-Please Sign the Petition

Petition · President Biden & Congress: Declassify MKULtra Programs · Kai Derensel · Followgot help from a therapist Updated February 21, 2020Can children be evil?Originally Answered: Do children have a capability to do evil things? See this kid?...

Shows who really runs the world

Free pdf Book to Read During Holidays

Brutal Proof-pdf Book BY ADMIN · PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 26, 2018 · UPDATED FEBRUARY 26, 2018

People Need to Examine Crimes Like This That Hard Core Drug Abusers Commit-Please Sign! Serial Killers/Rapists Start Off Torturing Animals!

Dog Sexually Assaulted by Gang Deserves Justice A dog was violently gang raped in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The people responsible are still at large. Demand justice for this innocent animal. And please...

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