Chateau des Amerois Castle (Mothers of Darkness Castle in Belgium)



Last night I turned on the t.v., hoping to relax, and I made the mistake of watching twenty minutes of the Netflix series, Thieves of the Wood.  What was I thinking?

thieves of the wood

The show purports to concern the Low Countries in the 1700s, but it is plainly about the Illuminati who perpetrate atrocities in these countries and around the world today.  Just look at the picture below.  MK-ULTRA involves the splitting of people into alters, and a knife is often held to a subject’s face.

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thieves of the wood - splitting

The wearing of masks, as in Thieves in the Wood, is a hallmark of the Illuminati.

thieves of the wood masks

Similar masks could be seen at the Surrealist Ball held by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild at Château de Ferrières on December 12th, 1972.

rothschild ball

Stanley Kubrick showed a similar thing in Eyes Wide Shut.

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eyes wide shut

Thieves of the Wood shows the hunting and rape of human beings, a practice in which the Illuminati engage.  

Participants in the hunting parties of the Ninth Circle, the Order of St. Hubertus, and the Most Dangerous Game include degenerates from Dick Cheney to the English royal family.

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These sick practices, shown in Thieves of the Wood, take place not only at the Swiss Amphitheatre in Lampe, Missouri, and Greybull, Wyoming, where George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Kris Kristofferson raped Cathy O’Brien, with a dog, but particularly in Belgium, where the Netflix series takes place.


Above you can see Château des Amerois, alias Mothers of Darkness Castle, where European royals, American degenerates, and other New World Order trash have hunted and raped children.

Below is a rare view of the inside.

Amerois Inside

Château des Amerois was originally owned by the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, alias Windsor, to which the idiot Prince Edward, the rapist child molester Prince Andrew, and the treasonous murdering scum Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth belong.

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elizabethwindsorMothers of Darkness Castle was subsequently sold to the owners of the Solvay Group, the inventors of Prozac and large-scale producers of the fluoride added to drinking water.

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When George Bush, whose family is deeply satanic, mysteriously referred to “1000 points of light,” he made reference to this hub of satanic activity.

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Château des Amerois has a room with a domed ceiling, containing one thousand lights, in which the Illuminati conduct satanic rituals.


God knows what images like this, from Thieves of the Wood, refer to….

thieves of the wood sacrifice

They say the Bush Twins, alias the Weird Sisters, whose father pimped them to Saudi princes for oil concessions, became Mothers of Darkness in a Sealing Ritual conducted at Château des Amerois.

bush twins

It’s not hard to believe when you look at these wacked-out satanic bitches flashing devil’s horns.

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jenna bush handsign

And it’s certainly not hard to believe when you look at the Bushes’ family history, their connections to Skull and Bones, their ties to Nazi Germany, and the castle to which their father referred.

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The Sealing Ceremony occurs on Walpurgisnacht, otherwise known as May Day, or Beltane, which ends the Illuminati’s sick Season of Sacrifice.

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Satanic Holidays

The Season of Sacrifice begins on the First Day of Spring, seven days after the Ides of March, commemorated as 322 on the logo of Skull and Bones, the satanic society to which the Bushes belong.


The Season of Sacrifice ends with hunting parties, like the ones at Amerois, like the one in Thieves of the Wood, where the so-called luciferian elite hunt and rape women and children.

Ronald Bernard was one of several heroes to expose satanic child abuse in the Low Countries.

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And when the pedophilia and crimes of these scum were partially exposed in Belgium, the publicity shut down Amerois.

And when I saw this trash appear on my television, I shut off the set.


I encourage you to do the same.


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