Pedophile Elite

CIA program people they want in elite positions to be pedophiles.   They studied for DECADES how to do this and figured out that they take a normal natural feeling like the desire to protect and make a young girl happy, and intensify this feeling and tie it to sex.  With the males who like young boys they use some form of play like making the person fell like a kid again and tie it to sex.  They also use About 700 drugs, herbs, and hypnosis.  The top behavioral scientists and CIA doctors worked at Harvard and other top notch Universities to create Pedophiles & School Shooters.  Project Orion/School Shooters which is tied to MKULTRA is a military acronym for manufactured KILLER.  These doctors and scientists figured out they need DISSOCIATION for complete control over a person.  They create Dissociated Multiple Personality Disorder by TORTURE.  CIA/Military Intelligence Torture Rooms are used to create Dissociated Slaves.  Rape is one of the main tortures they use.  The CIA “Programmers” and “Handlers” are Pedophiles.   All of them.  Many Presidents are involved in the MKULTRA and Monarch CIA Projects as they benefit.  They use them for sex, spy work, drug couriers, Back Channels to make off the record communications with Frenemies and drug/weapons running.  Pretty much all of our Presidents are Sexually Abusing Mind Controlled Monarch Slaves.

Assassins are MKULTRAs who are Heavily Mind controlled.  They are forced to commit assassinations against their will.  It starts in child hood when the boy/girl is forced to kill a pet or a best friend.  They are heavily drugged and hypnotized.  A handler accompanies them to and from missions.  If they die no one cares as they are considered Expendables to begin with.

The Rockefellers funded MKULTRA from the Get Go.  Over $25 MILLION was spent creating MKULTRA’s and all the research involved.  Ultimately all these slaves are captured and created by the British Empire aka the Satanic Anglo-Dutch Empire, the Illuminati, the Cabal or whatever name you choose to call them.

They studied it for decades so might be a lot more to it than I can figure out.
Seems there is something natural about it that they are able to intensif…
I bet cuz they manipulate masses the same way….pretending innocence for their nefarious agendas
I do know they found a way to tie it to something you love
In Palestine the older men have sex with the young boys, same in Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries
They weren’t programmed though so… have to wonder wft is up with the middle east

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