“RFK Jr. Taken to the Zionist Woodshed”???

Vaxxed up Jews are no different from Vaxxed up Goyim, they are tools in the hands of creatures like Albert Bourla and Pfizer, Blackrock, Vanguard and the World Economic Forum (Bilderberg’s, see our Bormann Faction pieces). This slimy headline which seeks to depict RFK Jr. as being subservient to a vaxxed up Jew named Shmuley (what else?) when in fact he acquitted himself splendidly is just one more example of the relentless attack of the pod people, be they Jew, Muslim or Christian…


Recently the parasitical infestation euphemistically referred to as New York City took exception to RFK’s citing of a peer reviewed paper published in the National Library of Medicine, among other scientific journals, because it shows Ashkenazi Jews have immunity to COVID.

Read Full Paper Here: ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity.

Now “Rabbi” Shmuley another Jew with a silver tongue and shit for brains attempted to paint RFK into a corner where 2% of Americas population, all very wealthy and benefiting from the Biden Crime Family’s stolen election, would stone him to death as an Anti-Semite. Although why it is true that Shmuley got RFK to endorse Israel’s right to exist, a mistake, he did not back RFK down one bit from the established medical science. Because 70% of Americans are just as vaxxed up as Shmuley and the rest too cowardly to take back their own country.  RFK has been put in a position where he must answer an idiot who had his own children juiced up with injectable neural networks, courtesy of Charles Lieber another vile Jew, instead of taking the appropriate action and slapping him into next week. Only RFK’s haters (the CIA) would construe this as him being “taken to the woodshed,” a term popularized by Joe Biden who has only taken his own daughter to the woodshed and maybe Hunter in a pinch.

If you are reading the alternative media outside of here, you are the problem not the Jews who are just as vaxxed up as you. Long ago in Z Plan we produced the study proving that vaxxed up automatons like Shmuley supported the war in the Ukraine no matter what the damages done to the economies of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and for that matter Israel itself:

This is not something that is just going to go away. What will go away is the aforementioned country’s along with, regrettably, the 30% who were smart enough not to get themselves injected with the Happy Juice. There are only two kinds of people in the West, the injected and the uninjected.  Religion, skin color and nationality no longer have anything to do with it. The CIA who are responsible for the vaxxine, will do anything, anything they can to slow RFK’s momentum because they know if he gets into office, they will pay for sixty years of treason culminated with the Happy Juice and beginning with the murder of RFK’s uncle and father. It’s bad enough the drooling homosexuals at Langley have two hundred million animated mannequins to work with but if you fall for their lies so shall fall any future the West may have had…



The Real Montauk Project by Jack Heart
I am the only eyewitness who can and will talk about it, one of the reasons why these now proven to be superfluous imbeciles at the DoD are so desperate to marginalize me…

In this podcast Jack Heart admits his WHOLE FAMILY works for the CIA at 21 Minutes 29 Seconds…..very first MP3 near the top.