Fighting the New World Disorder! Handing Out Flyers Is a Great Start!

1. Fighting the New World Disorder:
“…one million flyers will be distributed by a thousand peoplehighly effective in further informing the people, as flyers cannot be censoredMy prayer is that we will be able to do the same in other nations around the world. Please pray with us for this. There are requests for flyers in German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish and many other languages. They will also soon be available in English…”
2. AWK–Revelations dripping in, Obama, Biden, Illegals, DS, Hold on! PRAY!
@12 min–> pResident BidAn renews President Trumps EO 13848 !
@16 :40–> President Trump says the media “is EVIL…these are sick people…”
@ 24:40–> Really nice clip from Trump speech and then a great Read/Listen!
@ 29 min –> listen to BidAn say: ” we are working increase the number and intensity of extreme weather events…”. [ Let’s see if the Cabal’s Fake-News CNN ,etc will carry that!!!]
WOW! @ 34:40 read what ‘obama’s daughters’ (they’re NOT!) names say when spelled backwards!!! You can’t make this up!
@ 42 min–> Sham impeachment of Tex Aty Gen Ken Paxton!!! Bush Crime family involved!
WOW! @ 58:50 “Trump or Death” banner @ Yankee Stadium! [ believe it or not, when I was 18 I actually pitched on the sidelines in Yankee Stadium! They didn’t really give me a fair try out on the mound against pitch the batters because they told me I was “too small” and they could always teach the bigger, taller harder-throwing guys the curveballs etc.
I was disappointed but I have to admit that it is logical! Now in tennis you will find about 1/2 of the top 10 in the world in mens’ tennis are 6’5″ or more. Gives a huge advantage on the serve , volleys, overheads and more…]d
@ 59 min–> Why are Ratschilds, Rottenfellers, and Gettys selling off their treasures/loot??? WHY? Were the Bankster head-honchos “bankster-napped” and given a tour of Gitmo with instructions on what to do to NOT make Gitmo their new home? Just guessing…
Nice read/listen @ 1hr 1 min 10 sec–>
3. Whistleblower Expose the Hidden Pedophile U.S. Child Concentration Camps used for Trafficking:
Sick stuff….
“..the company itself admitted in emails that we’re trafficking kids.
“2,000 kids in THAT Walmart..we have 4 or 5 of them”
” Sponsors ” paying for the children… never to be seen again…

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